What is a website’s domain authority and how can it be improved?

This is the Domain Authority

The domain authority is an analytical parameter that gives domains a rating from zero to one hundred based on them Quality of your link profile. This parameter was created by the SEO company MOZ when Google closed the PageRank application in 2016, which offered a similar parameter.

The domain authority makes it possible to know the quality of a domain and to improve it based on certain parameters.

The Domain Authority is used to determine if a domain has a good classification and if it is worth having a link in it. This parameter can be used to “predict” the outcome of a page in the SERPs. At the same time, it also serves that purpose Get More LinksBecause it allows developers and SEO to get an idea of ​​the quality of the page and thus of the value they get from a link.

With that in mind, the links that come from web pages with high domain authority are always better as they tend to lead to higher traffic. Because of this, Domain Authority is a widely used metric for building and ordering a list of links.

How do I measure the domain authority?

To measure the domain authority of a page, you can first switch to the source, i.e. the MOZ tools. In this sense, the user has the “MOZ Bar”, a free extension that is available for most browsers and that shows the user his DA when accessing a website.

On the other hand, it is possible to analyze this parameter with the SEO tool from MOZ, Mangools or Ahrefs.

How can you improve DA?

Although this is a parameter that has lost its relevance in recent years, it can be improved by following the tips below:

-Improve SEO: In order to improve the DA it is first important that the website has an SEO OnPage that is as correct as possible.

-Link construction: In addition to SEO OnPage, you need to carefully maintain the link profile. To do this, you need to get quality links, either through guest articles or looking for pages to link to. At the same time, you need to remove all the poor quality links.

– Promotion of content: Promoting content is the best way to generate organic traffic and therefore increase DA.

-Usability and user experience: Nowadays, with the appearance of Google’s Core Web Vitals, domain loading speed as well as website usability will be very important to get organic traffic and improve DA as well.

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