What is agile marketing and what are its advantages?

Agile Marketing what it is and what advantages it has

Agile marketing is a new work methodology that allows you to generate marketing strategies and actions in a faster and more efficient way. This is possible to a short-term project management, so that it is guaranteed the fulfillment of the proposed objectives according to the main needs of each moment.

The “agile” methodology is based on streamlining all processes and making the work as efficient as possible.

The “agile” methodology is not exclusive to marketing. It was created in 2001, with the writing of the first Agile Manifesto and, at that time, it was focused on software development. Later, this agile work methodology was adapted to different sectors and, today, it is widely implemented, for example, in project management.

Now that we know what this methodology consists of and its origin, let’s see what are its main advantages for marketing:

-Focus on customer value: Traditionally, quantity is often chosen over quality in marketing. More followers, more posts on social networks, more “likes”, and so on. Although it is clear that quantity is important, it is not everything. The ideal is to set short-term goals and measure the results at intervals of, for example, two weeks. This allows you to find mistakes early and implement new strategies or plan new actions.

-Learning through experimentation: By producing content faster, this methodology allows you to learn through experimentation and data, not opinions. This requires A/B testing, brainstorming (with the team and also with the community) and making forward-looking decisions by studying the data collected.

-Publish content faster: One of the strengths of the agile methodology is that the entire team should focus on finishing projects and publishing them. In this way, it is possible to offer value in early stages and not wait for a content to be perfect. On the contrary, if errors are found once published, it is possible to work on correcting and updating them.

-Ability to adapt and change: The COVID-19 pandemic has made one thing clear to us, and that is to know how to expect the unexpected and, more importantly, to adapt to any kind of situation. The agile methodology, by inviting us to study the data in short time intervals, also allows us to adapt quickly, changing the strategy or content planning to adapt to a new reality, fashion or trend. In addition, as we learn more about the performance of the project, it is also possible to better plan future content.

-Learning new skills: The agile methodology invites members of a team to learn new skills. For example, a digital marketer might learn graphic design to advance some of the work by creating images to illustrate a piece of content or have the ability to review that visual content. This allows professionals to improve and learn new skills, thus avoiding stagnation or monotony.

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