What is “agriculture” or how can you make money with video games?

World Video Game Day

The video game industry generates billions every year, not just from selling titles and games, but also from buying goods and rewards within the video games. More and more users are ready to buy items, items … to level up and move to the next screen.

This has opened up the possibility of a new business opportunity on the net. It’s called “Farmeo” and consists of dedicate yourself to online gaming to earn points and credits in the most famous video games. That for what? To sell them for money later in the real world as there are many players who do not have the time or desire to invest hours to get them and prefer to pay other users for these points.

The term, derived from the English term for “agriculture” (to be cultivated), is becoming increasingly popular in the world of video games, and important marketplaces are emerging that connect players with vendors. One of the best known is Eldorado, which allows you to “farm” these goods so that other players can buy them and not have to spend hours playing certain titles.

Players who have the time can use such a website to generate coins, items, items … and all kinds of OSRS gold – as these goods are also called – and sell their surpluses there. It’s just a place for sellers and buyers to contact to get the in-game items and items that they need.

Using this type of page is very easy as all you have to do is enter the game that is normally played and search for the item or currency you want. Choosing it will give you the best buying opportunity based on the price and feedback from the seller, like most marketplaces. Lower level players can also look for services to help them improve the acquisition of these goods.

An opportunity in developing countries

The need to advance in their favorite games and the lack of time to complete the necessary requirements lead many players to seek this type of incentive online. This opens the doors to many people with financial needs who have found a way in “farming” to make money by “working” while producing goods in video games for others.

This is particularly common in Latin American countries. For example, it is estimated that Venezuela is one of the countries where more users are engaged in “farming” and get what they need to survive by creating these goods which they then sell for others to use in their favorite video games to be able to enjoy.

In a country like this, which is in a severe economic crisis and where a large part of the population lives in a situation of food security, many young people have found a way out of job insecurity in this “new job”. It is not the only country where agriculture is widespread, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Many teens play video games for hours to generate excess goods that they then sell on the internet for others to enjoy while playing.

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