What is Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate program?

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Amazon Associates is the name given to Amazon’s affiliate program which allows users to earn revenue by selling products on the platformthrough affiliate links.

Amazon’s affiliate program allows you to earn money through purchase links to products and services sold on the platform.

In this affiliate program, users do not earn money by selling their own products, but those of other sellers on the platform. By creating an account with Amazon Associates, the user has the ability to create a unique URL (which will be their affiliate link) for each of the products or services sold on the platform. In addition, you will have access to unique banners and promotional offers to increase revenue by promoting Amazon services such as Amazon Music or Amazon Reading.

How do you make money in Amazon’s affiliate program?

When a user clicks on one of the affiliate links and adds the product to the cartAmazon rewards us with a percentage (which will be different depending on the category of the product). In addition, if the user who clicked on the link does not buy that product at that moment, but makes another purchase within Amazon in the following 24 hours, you also get the reward.

To create an Amazon affiliate account you need to have an account on the platform or create one.

Moreover, to avoid harmful behavior, fraud and avoid unpleasant experiences, Amazon has a very strict “Operating Agreement” and “Policies”, which you need to read and understand before you start working with Amazon affiliate links.

Among these policies are the obligation to display prices as up to date as possible, as well as the impossibility to use any kind of URL shortener, the prohibition to use the links in email marketing campaigns and e-books, as well as the impossibility to make purchases through Amazon’s own affiliate links.

How much income do you get from this affiliate system?

The income depends on traffic that the website on which the links are included is able to convert. The higher the conversion, the higher the revenue. But that’s not all, as we have said, the percentage of profit depends on the category of products that are shared.

Below, we show the profit percentage table for the different categories of the program:

Amazon Affiliate Pricing

How to create an Amazon affiliate account?

The process is very simple. First of all, from the main page of the program, you just need to identify yourself or create an account. To do this, you need to have a blog or website that meets the conditions required by Amazon.

Once the site has been approved by Amazon, you need to create an affiliate account or log in with an Amazon account. Then, you must fill in all the information requested, both personal and fiscal.

The next step will be to enter the URL of the website or blog where we are going to include the Amazon affiliate links. To continue, Amazon will ask how we will get the traffic, to which we must answer as best as possible.

To finish the process, just select the payment method we prefer (account deposit or Amazon gift certificate payment).

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