What is Amazon FBA and how it works

What is Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is very popular today because its philosophy is the same as that of a traditional e-commerce. This department of the company supports individuals selling items through Amazon (also includes Amazon Renewed). So, instead of the seller having to spend time shipping orders one by one, Amazon takes care of the logistics of picking, packing and shipping to the customer.

Amazon FBA is ideal for those who require the assistance of a professional service to help them ship what they sell.

Thus, Amazon FBA makes it possible to make it easier to build a business on the Internet. This is for the simple fact that the seller will not have to worry about warehouses, packing material, shipping schedules, etc. The idea is that with the free time a person can invest those hours in improving the marketing of their business to better connect with customers.

The mechanics are simple, the user will submit items to an Amazon logistics center for them to ship the products to the buyers. Naturally, things will be stocked until they are sold, which is very beneficial because there will be no money to spend on maintaining owned or rented warehouses.

How much does Amazon FBA cost?

If you sign up as a seller and opt for the individual plan, there will be no monthly fee as such. Here Amazon will charge a fee of 0.99 euros for each product you sell. In case you don’t like this, you have the opportunity to select the pro plan, which costs 39 euros per month and there will be no fee per sale.


– If your items are part of Amazon FBA, they will enter Amazon Prime, which translates into more visibility and more loyal customers.

– It’s a solid option to diversify the media that help you sell.

– Amazon will take care of all the shipping logistics.

– The products will be sold and shipped by Amazon. This will add value to your items because you will have the support of a company recognized worldwide.


– They may cancel your account if you fail to meet quality standards.

– Amazon will monitor your items.

– Customers who buy what you offer will not be yours, they belong to Amazon.

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