What is Amazon Freevee and how it works

What the Amazon Freevee streaming service is like

Amazon Freevee is the name of a new free streaming content service. This platform includes thousands of popular TV shows, as well as the best movies and documentaries.

Amazon offers you the best audiovisual content via streaming with platforms such as Prime Video and now Freevee.

You may be wondering… but doesn’t Amazon already have Amazon Prime Video? That’s right, but Amazon Freevee is an alternative to Amazon Prime Video that includes advertising, to avoid having to subscribe to a payment plan or be an Amazon Prime user.

How to watch Amazon Freevee

The basis of the service behind Amazon Freevee is the IMDb TV service, a streaming platform that was not very successful outside the United States.

Currently, Amazon Freevee can be viewed only in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, the company plans to continue expanding the business model to other nations.

Freevee’s extensive catalog is available from its standalone app, but also works from Amazon Fire TV, Android phones, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation 5 and Smart TVs. To use the service simply register or log in with your Amazon account.

What content Amazon Freevee has

In Amazon Freevee there are more than 150 live TV channelsmovies, series and documentaries of multiple genres ready to enjoy in high quality. Amazon Freevee includes advertising before the playback of each content, thus functioning as an alternative to the subscription mode of Prime Video or other streaming services.

Users who already have Amazon Prime Video account can enjoy the content without restrictions. from Freevee. Among others, the incredible Amazon Originals: Sprung, Bosch: Legacy, Alex Rider, Leverage: Redemption and Post Malone: Runaway, among others.

Amazon Freevee stands out for its personalized recommendations. Based on your preferences and most common searches, Amazon Freevee builds a content profile to offer you recommendations for those moments when you don’t know what to choose. Content via streaming, in high quality and totally free from the multimedia giant Amazon.

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