What is Amazon Pay and how it works

what is amazon pay

Amazon Pay is an online payment platform created by the same company that is accepted by multiple websites and retailers. The goal of the system is for the customer to use a payment method associated with Amazon on sites that support the service. Like Amazon Renewed and Amazon FBA, Pay is another service produced by the company to help its community of users in the process of buying and selling products.

Amazon Pay’s goal is to create a means of payments that ensures full security for everyone who uses it.

Amazon Pay has been designed to compete in the market for payment applications that are secure and intuitive. The priority of this service lies in becoming an indispensable means for online portals that are third-party retailers.

The operation is very simple, the individual shall not add his credit card or any other payment method on a page that he does not trust. Instead, he will resort to Amazon Pay to complete the purchase, so his personal data will remain safeguarded.


– Global reach: Amazon is a brand that is found in many countries around the world, suffice it to say that it has more than 200 million Prime users. Enabling Pay will allow you to pay quickly without having to affiliate your credit card. In addition, you will have the support of a recognized and reliable company like Amazon.

– Purchase guarantee: as a customer you can be sure that the payment details and purchase will not fail. The purchase will be protected by Amazon Pay, you will not have to rely on third parties you do not know. Likewise, you will get refunds when packages are delayed, damaged or not delivered.

– Currency: supports global currencies.

– Cost: no monthly or setup fees, you only pay for the transaction.

– Ease and speed: the purchase process will be fast because you will use the same information you have stored on Amazon, such as payment information and addresses. You will not have to fill in the data every time you make a purchase.


– Reservation policies: this applies to new users, as Amazon reserves 100% of funds for seven days to protect against disputed transactions. For their part, sellers move to a less restrictive reserve plan when they complete one hundred orders and the rate of defective products is below 1 %.

– Cost and integration limits: the platform does not have volume discounts. Nor is it associated with any of the major e-commerce systems that have their own payment service.

How to sign up for Amazon Pay?

The best thing about Pay is that it has no registration process. Having an Amazon account and associating a credit card or other payment method will be enough. The system will be available when you buy on a website that is part of the service.

How to use it?

– When you are in the payment section and go to enter a method, click on “Amazon Pay”.

– In the pop-up window log in to your Amazon account.

– Follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

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