What is Amazon Prime and how can you rent it?

Amazon Prime is the mode of Annual subscription with which Amazon has for users of its online shop. One of the main advantages is the completely free shipping within 24 hours of the more than two million products that carry the Prime label, but over time Amazon has expanded the subscription with more and more functions: online storage space, streaming music, films and Series, or the ability to get special discounts on a day called Prime Day, which will be on June 21st and 22nd this year, 2021. We will highlight all the details:

Prime Day is the day (two days in the case of 2021) that Amazon offers its subscribers a variety of special offers on thousands of products

From the price is the subscription to Amazon Prime in Spain in 2021 36 euros per year, and can also be paid 4.99 euros per month, in which case, after a full year of subscription payment, the amount paid will be higher (59.98 euros) than if paid for the whole year in advance.

To be a subscriber, there is no need to make a purchase and subscribe, just go to the Amazon website and you will see the Prime option on the top bar. The first month is free So you can use all the functions of the trial subscription without paying anything.

-EFree Shipping: They work as a flat rate and the receipt of a good number of products (which are conveniently displayed in the Amazon online store) in 24 hours, we must mention the offers and discounts with a time limit or of units that they can access with priority on Prime- Users. For example, when some offers are introduced, products can be reserved 30 minutes before those who are not subscribed, which is particularly useful for sales, offers or events such as Black Friday or Prime Day.

-Prime tag: It is the big annual Amazon event that does not have a fixed day and this year does not consist of a single day with special offers, but of two: on June 21st and 22nd. There will be special offers for more than two million products in all categories, with some offers in several categories already being activated this Wednesday, June 2nd. Even those who enjoy the free trial month can benefit from these offers.

-First videos: It is the platform for online streaming content with a growing and more interesting range of the best films and series on Amazon Prime Video. The recent acquisition of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios by Amazon took place, with which more than 4,000 films and thousands of hours in television series are included in the already large current catalog, making this streaming platform one of the most attractive on the scene.

-Prime pictures: The storage space in the Amazon Cloud provides unlimited storage space for the photos of all users, which only sets a 5 Gb limit for videos, and is therefore particularly valuable as one of the attractions of the Amazon Prime subscription.

-Prime music: It is Amazon’s “Spotify”, a music streaming service with more than two million songs without ads and including offline mode. In addition to music, it also contains podcasts.

-Kindle Prime: For reading lovers, this feature makes it easy to access hundreds of e-books.

-Twitch.TV: Anyone who also subscribes to Twitch can link their account to that of Prime and in this way watch the videos on this platform without advertising and subscribe to a free channel every month that allows them access to content and rewards for free.

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