What is Amazon Prime Day? Offers on the platform

Do you know what Amazon Prime Day is all about? Every year Amazon provides amazing offers on their amazing platform during Prime Day. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of some incredible deals!

Amazon Prime Day

The Amazon Prime Day is a special event offered by the American e-commerce giant to customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service. It is usually held once a year, although on occasion it has been held twice a year. It is an impressive amount of limited-time offers and one of the great reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Day discounts apply to all sorts of products, from consumables to streaming services to ultra-fast shipping.

Initially, when it was created in 2015, what the initiative was intended to do was to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. However, its popularity has seen it continue to be celebrated year after year.

From the moment of its inception, Prime subscribing customers enjoy significant discounts on all kinds of products and services. Currently, the unmissable Amazon Prime Day offers are available in different countries in Europe, including Spain. In addition, the event lasts for 48 hours and you can set personalized alerts so you don’t miss out on any discounts.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

The special Amazon Prime Day is a kind of annual celebration in which the American company rewards the loyalty of its customers with a significant variety of offers. During the 48 hours that the event lasts, you can enjoy rebates on virtually all services and products that are marketed on Amazon.

In 2022, Amazon Prime Day took place between July 12 and 13, but it is unknown when the next dates will take place until Amazon confirms when it will hold its Amazon Prime Day in future years.

During the last Amazon Prime Day, customers with Amazon Prime subscriptions took advantage of deals of up to more than 50% thanks to these tips. In addition, the variety of products and services available for purchase at discounted prices includes all categories. From technology items to home accessories.

It is worth noting that Amazon Prime Day extends its benefits to Prime Video, Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading and Amazon Photos customers. Thus, it is possible to have unlimited access to movies, listen to more than two million songs without ads, play free games and read more than 3,000 books and magazines. Undoubtedly, it is an event that can be bought on Black Friday.

How to get access to Amazon Prime Day

As discussed, the only way to take advantage of the special Amazon Prime Day discounts is to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. It is also important to note that you can access these events with a 30-day free trial subscription.

In addition, for you to get the most out of all your purchases, it is recommended that you create alerts. That way, the platform will remind you of the day when the discounts will take place. You will even receive totally personalized suggestions based on your searches.

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