What is an Internet identity account and how to create one?

What is an Internet identity account

An Internet identity account is the mechanism that Internet users use to access private sessions on dApps and different Web platforms3. In other words, this type of account is the equivalent of Google passwords, with which you log into any web page quickly and securely.

Login to your accounts on the new decentralized web quickly and securely with your Internet Identity profile.

To generate an Internet Identity account you logically need to have Internet access, any modern web browser installed and a device compatible with different authentication methods. Essentially, the device should have a fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, etc. But it is also possible to authenticate with a USB key, NFC or Bluetooth.

In this regard, both on iOS and Android devices and computers with Windows and macOS operating systems you can set up Internet Identity accounts. Here we will explain how to create a registry to be able to comfortably browse the decentralized web that promises to revolutionize the Internet.

How to generate an Internet Identity account

Through the official Internet Computer website it is possible to set up an Internet Identity account. The process is quite simple:

– Open your web browser and log on to https://identity.ic0.app.

– Click on the “Create Internet Identity” button.

– Then press the “Create password” option.

– Next, you will choose one of the authentication methods listed in the drop-down list.

– Complete the captcha, always bearing in mind that the system is case sensitive.

That’s it, you now have an Internet identity account. Remember to take a screenshot or write down the code associated with your account. Keep in mind that if you lose this number, you will also lose access to any profiles you have on the Web3.

Add methods for recovering your identity

Finally, we advise you to add several methods of recovering your identity on the Internet. To do this, you can specify both a device and a recovery phrase. Also, don’t forget that you also have the option of adding new passwords, which is an excellent alternative if you have several secure devices. Follow these steps:

– Log in to your profile from the mobile or computer where you created your online identity.

– Click on “Add new password”.

– Scan the QR code and authenticate to the new device.

– Finally, go back to the original device and enter the number that appears on the new device you are registering. That’s it, you can now see the new passcode.

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