What is AppleTV+ and how to subscribe

Apple TV+ is the newest streaming service launched by Apple. It offers you access to a library of award-winning Apple Originals, movies and shows, and movie rental. To take advantage of all this amazing content, you just need to subscribe for Apple TV+ through the Apple TV app which can be found on multiple platforms and devices.

Free Apple TV Plus

In addition to manufacturing iPhone cell phones, Mac computers or providing Cloud services with iCloud, Apple also has in its product catalog its own streaming platform: AppleTV+.

The AppleTV+ catalog is not too wide but the high quality of its own productions stands out.

Perhaps AppleTV+ has one of the smallest catalogs in terms of number of own-produced series and movies among all digital streaming platforms. However, most of its productions boast an undeniable quality.

How to subscribe to AppleTV+

To access AppleTV+ you must have an Apple ID account. In addition, you will need to have a device compatible with the platform, such as an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV (the home entertainment device in the house) or even a smart TV with the AppleTV+ app installed.

Once you have that, the sign-up process is very simple. Just log into the AppleTV+ app from the device of choice and follow the steps to subscribe.

AppleTV+ Pricing

The pricing of this stresaming service is quite competitive, offering a single plan for €4.99 per month. In addition AppleTV+ has a seven-day free trial so that users can test the platform before deciding whether they want to subscribe or not.

Best movies and series on AppleTV+

Listed below are some of the best series available on AppleTV+.

“Ted Lasso”: Comedy starring Jason Sudeikis. In it, he plays an American soccer coach who is hired to coach a soccer team in England. The series has been a resounding success for its intelligent humor, endearing characters and positive message. It has also won several awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series.

“The Morning Show”: It chronicles the ups and downs of a morning news show after its star anchor is accused of sexual harassment. The series features an all-star cast, led by Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, and has been very well received by critics.

“For All Mankind”: is a science fiction series that imagines a world in which the space race did not end with the arrival of man on the Moon. In fact, it was first stepped on not by the United States but by the Soviet Union. The series explores what might have happened if the space race had continued. It is posited that greater achievements in space exploration would have been achieved.

“Servant”: a psychological horror series following a couple who hire a nanny to care for their newborn son, who turns out to be a doll. The series is very disturbing and has been very well received by critics.

– “Separation: The plot takes place in a company that helps its employees to achieve happiness and personal and professional success. All this thanks to a brain implant that separates the consciousness while working and when leaving the company.

An employee, after suffering a personal tragedy, begins to question his loyalty. He also joins a group of workers who seek to rebel against the company and its technology. They even uncover several dark secrets. In the key of intrigue-laden drama, this is a project created by Ben Stiller (usually linked to comedy). It stars Adam Scott, John Turturro, Patricia Arquette and Christopher Walken.

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