What is AutoGPT, the new AI that beats ChatGPT?

AutoGPT aims to be the new dominant AI in the market.

AutoGPT is an AI project based on GPT-4 that is currently under development. Considering the above, in principle it can be stated that AutoGPT has what it takes to become one of the best alternatives to ChatGPT. Not only that, this open source AI is being programmed to outperform the famous OpenAI product.

AutoGPT is an AI with the ability to expose the advances of GPT-4 and perform even more advanced tasks.

According to its developers, AutoGPT will surely mark a turning point in the field of natural language generation from Artificial Intelligence. AutoGPT has been designed to operate independently, with virtually no human guidance.

AutoGPT’s capabilities

AutoGPT is an experimental model of Artificial Intelligence. developed by Toran Bruce Richards. In addition to being a kind of improved version of GPT-4, this AI stands out for its ability to create natural language based on information it extracts from the Internet and other tools without the need for human intervention.

A very important point to clarify is that while ChatGPT is a tool that works from interaction, AutoGPT generates its own targets autonomously. Moreover, in addition to serving to execute improved GPT-4 tasks, the innovative AutoGPT will be able to learn from its own experiences and improve its performance based on them.

How AutoGPT works

Basically, the way AutoGPT works is very similar to OpenAI’s proprietary generative Artificial Intelligence. The process starts by gathering a set of keywords or key phrases from which the software generates a coherent text. Finally, the novel integration mechanism used by AutoGPT ensures the correct use of each keyword within the text.

It is worth noting that despite being much more independent than ChatGPT, having AutoGPT on your computer, for the moment, is not at all simple. Unless you are an expert in Python programming, you will need someone who understands Python. It turns out that the system requires Python 3.8 or higher, plus an OpenAI API key and a Pinecone API key.

AutoGPT and General Artificial Intelligence.

As clarified, AutoGPT is characterized by its ability to perform any task without the need for human intervention. However, it is important to clarify that it is not categorized within what is known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

The above refers to a type of technology whose main objective is the creation of an AI capable of reasoning, developing and using intellect as a human being would. For now, AutoGPT can only perform tasks based on the imitation of text patterns. It achieves this by using the information obtained during its training.

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