What is Bitchute, the YouTube clone that works on the BitTorrent network?

Bitchute is a social video sharing platform. Power supply through the BitTorrent network and based on the P2P information exchange system (Peer To Peer, Peer Network in Spanish), the aim of which is to give content creators more freedom without censorship and without content filters.

The Bitchute interface is a YouTube clone with the description and comments below and a sidebar with related videos.

Bitchute is a red social p2p Created in 2017 that allowed users to share videos from their browser such as YouTube but without content filters. It was born with the intention of offering an alternative to YouTube and other video platforms. The idea behind this network is to offer a space free from growing censorship This is beginning to be found on social media through joint actions such as the recent shutdown of Donald Trump’s YouTube channel, the demonstration of channels, expulsions and the constant changes to algorithms that want to “hide” certain content.

With that in mind, one of the major drawbacks of this platform is that without any content filtering or moderation of any kind, it has become the ideal haven for certain extremist groups as well as populist dialogues and all kinds of Hate speechthat does not fit on any other platform. In the image below, you can see a number of videos of far-right groups that are common on the platform:

Beyond this “toxic” content, Bitchute provides a space for all kinds of video content such as news, live event broadcast, lectures, webinars and all kinds of educational content. The channels provide guides for business, gardening, health and much more.

Bitchute uses the WebTorrent, a system that allows you to share videos through the browser without installing or configuring anything Reduce bandwidth This is consumed and allows the platform to function without having to make large investments in buying its own servers. That way the videos have a couple counter and one slight delay From the time “play” is pressed until the video starts playing, which is not annoying.

Initially, an invitation was required to create an account, as with Clubhouse. However, it is now possible to create an account without having to obtain an account. The network’s user interface is very simple, with a main page showing the featured videos and a simple menu where you can choose between the most popular videos, the channels you subscribe to, the featured videos, or a page on which shows all Videos.

To access a video, just click on the thumbnail. The video will open on a YouTube-like page with the video and its controls integrated in the middle. Notable below that is the ability to change the screen size and social options. A lower area with the description and the comments are to be highlighted as well as a sidebar on the right-hand side in which related videos are displayed (see following image):

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