What is Claro Play and what does it offer

What is Claro Play

Claro Play is the online audiovisual streaming platform that Claro TV, the subscription television service of the famous Latin American telecommunications company, makes available to its customers.

Claro Play is Claro TV’s Internet streaming platform, where users can watch all their favorite channels on smart devices.

According to Claro TV, which offers pay TV through IPTV and satellite in most of Latin America, Claro Play is an alternative that allows users to enjoy all the content included in their subscription plans anywhere and on all kinds of devices.

In this sense, Claro Play is the equivalent of streaming services offered by cable operators such as DirecTV and Movistar through their online content platforms DirecTV Go and Movistar Plus, respectively. Therefore, Claro Play is available and has the same offer as Claro TV only for subscribers.

How to subscribe to Claro Play

As indicated, Claro Play is an exclusive service for Claro TV customers. It is available in countries such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, among others. To access it, you only need to be a user of one of Claro TV’s television plans and download the official app.

To be more precise, Claro Play is totally free for Claro TV users. However, to create a Claro Play account you must first register in MiClaro following these steps:

– Open the MiClaro web page and enter your ID, email and Claro customer code.

– You will receive an email to activate your account.

– Set up your password and log in with your MyClaro profile.

Afterwards, you only need to complete the following procedure to access Claro Play:

– Go to the Claro Play website and log in with your MiClaro user data generated in the previous step.

– That’s all, now that you have identified yourself as a MiClaro customer you will be able to enjoy Claro Play programming on any device.

What you can watch on Claro Play

Basically, with a Claro Play account you can watch all the programming of the channels included in your Claro TV plan. That is, you will be able to watch series, movies and TV shows from channels such as TNT Go, Space Go, Fox, Fox Premium, MTV HD, Cartoon Network Go, Nickelodeon, Discovery Kids, HBO Go, Claro Video and many more.

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