What is cloacking and why is Google Alerts full of malware?

Google is able to recognize the content of a website and to interpret whether the links it contains are malicious. Therefore, this website should not be recommended or rated as inferior by the Google algorithm if it is shown in search results.

Cloacking is a black hat SEO technique used by cyber criminals to fool Google search engines

However, cyber criminals use a black hat SEO technique to “fool” Google’s crawler engines into recommending their malicious pages by services like Google Alerts, even if they rank lower in search queries.

It’s about the so-called “cloacking”This consists of a website showing other users different content than Google search engines. With this technique, a web page can appear to Google as “plain text” or harmless when crawled or when a user enters it directly. However, it is capable of Perform a malicious redirectto a version of the web with malicious links if it is found that the visit does not go directly to the internet but is redirected by Google.

So, get Bypass Google’s detection systems and that he recommends it on services like Google Alerts. This very useful and used service allows users to receive a notification every time content is posted on the network that contains a certain word or keywords of their choice. It is widely used to monitor the name of any brand, competitor, or term that interests us.

Google Alerts sends us a notification every time the monitored term is published in A website that you consider “clean” of viruses and malware. However, if the owners have used “cloacking” techniques and click on that Google Alerts email and are redirected to that page, we will be redirected to a website that contains malicious links and malware promoting sex websites or all kinds of fraudulent sales and jokes.

Cloacking means that this different content is only displayed when the visit is redirected, which avoids tracking by Google engines. Even if you set Google Alerts to only show “best results” for a term, you cannot avoid this increasingly common practice and Google must take action against it.

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