What is CRM software and why does your company need one?

Customer Relationships Manager

Keeping all aspects of the business under control is a complicated task, especially in medium-sized companies or large corporations with hundreds of employees. That is why it is essential in these corporate environments to use customer relationship management software, known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Thanks to the use of one of these programs, it will be possible not to forget anything and to improve customer service, as well as to maintain a better relationship with them and with potential customers.

A CRM software allows you to easily manage on your computer, tablet or any other mobile device, all the interactions that take place with customers and potential customers. All kinds of data can be entered and this allows for an exhaustive follow-up of each relationship: to know the last time they were contacted, the reason for the consultation, how often they place orders or to know which products they are most interested in.

In addition, you can manage all interactions from a single place, which is especially useful for companies that have different communication channels: by phone, social networks, official website, etc.. This way you have all the information about a customer or potential customer in a single place, which considerably facilitates management.

This type of software is also used from the cloud, which allows companies to be used by all their departments and to do so at any time and from anywhere, offering great flexibility of use. Thanks to the analysis of all the data stored in these programs, it is possible to obtain conclusions that will increase sales. For example, it is possible to know which are the most demanded seasonal products at each time of the year, when to contact certain customers, keep track of the requests made by them, and so on.

There are many programs of this type on the market, but… how to choose the best one for your company? One of the best CRM solutions on the market is Exact CRM, a software that allows you to efficiently manage customer relationships, manage all company processes and achieve a very efficient workflow.

With Exact CRM software you will strengthen your sales organization and digitize your sales team, achieving the lowest acquisition costs combined with the highest customer lifetime value. It is an integrated CRM system that includes practical applications with all the information about your customers, with personalized marketing and e-commerce options.

Thus, you can control all the information about business meetings, email history, view agreements and quotes, invoices or orders… from anywhere and at any time. All employees have access to up-to-date information, as it is stored in the cloud.

With all this information, sales management can make very accurate forecasts and the cost of acquiring new customers can be assessed more comprehensively. In short, it increases sales efficiency and transparency, thanks to having all financial and customer information – current and future – stored in one place. Marketing actions are optimized, controlled more efficiently and profits are increased.

If you need real-time, up-to-date information on all your suppliers, customers and potential customers, you need CRM software like Exact CRM, which you can access anywhere in the world at any time, 24×7, in more than 40 languages. Do not hesitate and request a quote to know the price of implementing it in your organization, no doubt, it will be a very profitable investment.

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