What is DirecTV Sports and how to watch it

What is DirecTV Sports

DirecTV Sports is a subscription television channel owned by DirecTV, fully specialized in sports broadcasts. This signal broadcasts the most important sporting events worldwide exclusively for several countries in South America and the Caribbean.

DirecTV is the best option in South America and the Caribbean to follow all the action of LaLiga.

DirecTV Sports was launched in 2009 and its operations and broadcasting centers are located in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Where to watch DirecTV Sports

In addition to the three countries mentioned above, the signal is also available in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. It is worth mentioning that this platform stands out for the wide variety of quality sports content it offers to its viewers.

Thus, by contracting this service in any of these territories, you can enjoy live and delayed transmissions of different leagues, tournaments and sports disciplines. Among others, Spanish soccer, the English Premier League, the Champions League, the NBA, MLB, combat sports, tennis, eSports and much more. We tell you a little more about DirecTV Sports.

How to watch sports on DirecTV Sports

To access DirecTV Sports you must have a subscription to the parent cable operator, which is none other than DirectTV in any Latin American country among those listed. This is true except if you are in Venezuela, where the providers are Simple TV and Inter.

Another way to enjoy all DirecTV Sports programming is through DSports, the streaming service of this famous sports channel.

In this case, you simply create a profile, download the app available for all types of devices (tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) and choose among the plans offered by the platform. Remember that as a new user you will be entitled to a one-month free trial.

What content does DirecTV Sports offer

DirecTV Sports is the ideal channel for all sports fans in South America. Especially because its broadcasts focus on sports content of interest in each country. In this sense, most of the programming focuses on the most important European soccer tournaments. In addition, DirecTV Sports’ offerings go much further and include competitions in different sports disciplines.

To this end, the channel has other spin-off signals that broadcast local content in. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.. These are: DSports 2, DSports+, DSports Fight and the recently released DSports Motor. There is also Simple TV Sports, which specializes in the most popular sports in Venezuela, such as local baseball, MLB, NBA basketball, among others.

In addition to the above, on DirecTV Sports you can watch special programs, exclusive interviews, documentaries and expert analysis. Finally, some of the most valued features of this service are its broadcasting quality in HD, Full HD and 4K resolutions, in addition to its complete coverage of the FIFA World Cup in all its categories.

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