What is Dolby Vision imaging technology and how it works

What is Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision is a technology found in televisions, monitors and mobile phones (generally high-end) that has the ability to give more depth of colors and contrast to the content displayed on the screen.

Dolby Vision technology applies changes to each image displayed on the panel to deliver the best possible result. This is not a static setting that is generally assigned to all the content you view. With Vision, hues and brightness will adapt to each scene projected on the screen, all in order to make colors more real and sharp.

How Dolby Vision technology works

Dolby Vision is an image quality technology known as High Dynamic Range (HDR). There are five different types of HDR technologies and one of them – possibly the one with the greatest commercial recognition – is Dolby Vision.

This HDR format has been developed by Dolby Labs and allows you to adjust the image frame by frame automatically. Thus, each image displayed on the screen is completely optimized.

Additionally, it allows for more precision. It allows content creators to specify colors with 12 bits of data, being able to choose more than 4,096 primary colors and more than 68 billion color combinations. This is a precision for which there are still no televisions on the market. Not even 8K OLED TVs can process so many millions of colors.

Below, we will give you more details about this technology, you will learn which brands and services are compatible with the software and how you can enjoy it.

What brands and services are compatible with Dolby Vision

To view content in Dolby Vision you will need two things: that the content is compatible with the technology and also that the screen where you are going to see it has Dolby Vision.

Not all television manufacturers offer Dolby Vision technology, nor do they do so on all models. Each brand decides when to pay for the license to use the technology in its devices and in which models it will be installed.

Therefore, to know if your television, mobile phone or monitor is compatible with Dolby Vision, you must look at the information on the device box. If the Dolby Vision logo appears there, that means you have it enabled. The logo you will see on the box is the following:

Dolby logo

As for mobile phones, the same thing happens, some brands and models do include Dolby Vision, so you will have to pay attention to the specifications of each device. Of course, Samsung does not include Dolby Vision in any of the mobile phones in its catalog, since it offers another type of HDR technology.

On the other hand, among video game consoles, only Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S has support for Dolby Vision. It has more than 100 titles that are compatible with the software. However, to enable it you must have a television or monitor that has Dolby Vision.

Regarding streaming content platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, etc., keep in mind that only certain series and movies in their catalog will be able to run Dolby Vision.

This occurs because some production companies purchased the license to apply the technology to their content and others did not. And they do not apply it to all the titles in their catalog, but only to those for which they have obtained the license.

To find out if the content you want to watch has Dolby Vision, look for the software logo in the content description:

Dolby in services

How to activate Dolby Vision technology

In most cases, Dolby Vision will turn on automatically if it’s enabled on your device and you’re playing content that supports the technology. Likewise, if this does not happen, you can activate Dolby Vision technology manually.

We have carried out the procedure on a Xiaomi P Series 55” smart TV, and although the options are not the same on all televisions or monitors, they are quite similar, so this will serve as a guide. Do the following:

– Press the “Set” button on your TV

Control with settings

– A menu will open, go to “Device Preferences”

Dolby on TV

– Move the cursor down and select “Picture”

Image with Dolby

– Enter “Picture Mode”

Select Dolby on TV

– Choose “Dolby Vision”

Set up Dolby Vision

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