What is eBiblio and how does it work?

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Although there are several ways to read ebooks for free, one of the most recommended is to access eBiblio. This is a digital platform of e-book and magazine lending in digital format.managed by different organizations and entities belonging to the Public Library Network Spain. Its main objective is to promote and facilitate access to reading through electronic media, offering a wide variety of titles and genres for the enjoyment of users.

To access eBiblio you only need to have a user card of any library belonging to the Public Library Network of Spain.

A very wide variety of literary works are available in its catalog, as well as other publications such as. magazines or comics and even audiobooks.which, being accessible in digital format, can be enjoyed both from computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or ebook readers.

How eBiblio works

The operation of eBiblio is quite simple. To use this service it is only necessary to have a valid library card and register in the eBiblio platform corresponding to the autonomous community of residence. Each community has its own eBiblio platformso it is important to check which platform is appropriate for your place of residence.

eBiblio can be accessed both from the website of the corresponding public library and from the platform’s app, available for both iOS and Android.

Once registered on the eBiblio platform, you can access a digital catalog that includes a wide variety of e-books and journals available for loan. You can browse the different categories, search by title, author or subject, and select the titles you wish to read.

When you choose a book or journal you will be able to access its description, author information and other relevant details. You can also see if the title is currently available for loan or if it is on loan by other users. If the title is available, it can be borrowed and accessed on the electronic device of the user’s choice, whether it is a computer, tablet, e-reader or smartphone.

Duration of loans in eBiblio

It is important to note that, as this is a lending service, books and periodicals have a fixed duration, generally from 21 days. Once the term is over, the book or magazine is automatically deactivated from the device, so there is no need to worry about physically returning it.

eBiblio offers several features and functionalities to enhance the reading experience. In addition to the wide selection of titles, the platform allows you to customize your reading by adjusting the font size, screen brightness, and reading mode. It also provides the option of marking pages, making annotations and underlining text fragments, facilitating organization and later consultation.

Finally eBiblio offers the possibility of synchronizing reading on different devices, allowing you to continue reading from the last point, regardless of the device being used. This is especially useful for those who enjoy reading on multiple devices or wish to switch devices without losing their book progress.

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