What is emule and how to configure it

What is eMule

eMule is one of the best P2P programs for downloading files that still works today. Active since 2000, eMule has become the software of choice for tens of millions of users to exchange and download all kinds of files from the web, be it videos, music, images and more.

In eMule, the users who share files the most are the ones who get permission to download the most.

eMule is a free open source program and its main feature is that the files exchanged through it are not hosted on a central server. In other words, file exchanges and downloads are done between the same users (P2P).

It is worth noting that, due to the features listed above, configuring eMule correctly requires carrying out some essential steps to get the most out of it. That way you won’t put your computer’s security at risk. Therefore, here you will find the precautions you should take to start using the program.

Tips to configure eMule

– Update the list of servers: although eMule has its own server list, a crucial aspect when configuring it is to make sure you keep these lists up to date. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, by keeping the server lists up to date you will avoid malware that can be transmitted through this type of program. Second, as eMule’s server lists are increasingly out of use, very few eMule server lists are up to date.

– Add and remove servers: eMule allows you to add and remove servers so that you can choose which ones really work. You can even test them by downloading. Once you know which servers you will use, you will have to configure them correctly to avoid problems when sharing and downloading files.

You can do this manually by going to the “Preferences” section and then to the “Server” tab. Now you only have to select the “Secure connection” option and click on “Apply and accept”. Finally, you will have to enter the list of servers, right click on any of the servers that you will not use and click on the option “Delete all servers”.

– Keep the download list updated: One way to get the most out of eMule is to always keep the download list updated. Not only that, it is also important to activate security filters that help you to keep these catalogs up to date.

– Connect to KAD servers: the KAD network is much larger than the traditional ed2k network used by eMule. KAD is characterized by being decentralized, which means that it is the users themselves who share files with each other. In addition, this network is private, much more complicated to block and does not require updating servers.

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