What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption in 2023

The encryption of end-to-end is one of the most widely used cybersecurity mechanisms in online communication. Surely more than once you have wondered why that message in WhatsApp conversations that tells you that all your chats are protected with end-to-end encryption.

A message protected with end-to-end encryption is impossible to translate even if it is intercepted while in transit.

Precisely, it is because the most famous instant messaging app of all protects the data of your conversations from an intricate combination of algorithms. This combination does not allow your chats to be decrypted before they reach their destination.

It is not the only application that employs it, as it is a system that has been standardized in many apps and web pages. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, you can be sure that the messages you send cannot be decoded by cybercriminals or government institutions, to name a few. Not even by the employees of the messaging system you are using.

What is end-to-end encryption?

Basically, end-to-end encryption or E2EE is a type of encryption that does not allow a message sent over the network to be decoded at any point between its origin and destination. In other words, thanks to this mechanism, message encryption and decryption can only occur at the ends of the information path: the sender and the receiver.

This type of encryption employs what is known as asymmetric public key encryption. It consists of two types of key, one public and one private. The former serves to encode the message, while the latter functions as a kind of unique key that no one can access and which is essential to decode the initial encryption.

E2EE makes messages intercepted as plain text impossible to translate into their original form. This is because even if the public key is accessed, it cannot be decoded without access to the private key.

Advantages of end-to-end encryption.

– Ensures privacy in all your conversations.

– Not even telecommunication service providers can access and disclose your data.

– You will always receive messages from trusted senders, since no one can tamper with the messages you receive.

– Secure access to all types of communication tools.

Some disadvantages of end-to-end encryption.

– Cybercriminals can take advantage of the security of this type of encryption to avoid being identified.

– It does not allow you to recover any information in case you lose access to your chats.

– Hides your messages but not your communication logs.

– Employ more resources.

Along with end-to-end encryption, these are some of the apps to ensure the security of your mobile that are essential today.

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