What is ESPN and how to watch it

What is ESPN

ESPN is a television network focused mainly on the transmission of sporting events. Its beginnings date back to 1979, in the United States, when it started broadcasting sports and news as a television channel.

ESPN’s sports broadcasts take place 365 days a year.

Currently, ESPN is the leading television station in the sports world in the United States, South America and Central America. Through its signal you can watch the most important sports events, such as MLB baseball, the NBA finals, the NFL, European soccer such as La Liga in Spain and even eSports.

How to access ESPN?

Being a TV channel, the traditional way to have ESPN support is through a cable TV or IPTV service. This way you will enjoy all the channel’s programming, which varies depending on the country where you live. For example, if you live in Colombia, the content will focus on national and international soccer, but if you are in the United States, almost everything will be focused on the NFL, MLB and NBA.

Also, ESPN has an app that you can download on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. The platform offers live scores, news, game recaps and short videos of interviews with athletes or events that took place recently. It is a system focused on providing updated data to sports lovers.

In addition, ESPN also has its own website enabled anywhere in the world. It works as a means to inform you about sports news, covering all kinds of disciplines such as: tennis, NBA, international soccer, MLB, eSports, boxing, UFC, NFL, NHL, golf, etc.

Now, if you want to have access to matches via streaming, ESPN created an application named ESPN+, a subscription-based streaming platform.

What is ESPN+ and how to log in

ESPN+ is the streaming application that is part of ESPN. The system is enabled for all major operating systems on the market, such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. It can also be downloaded on video game consoles, smart TVs and TV boxes (such as the Fire Stick, for example).

If you want to access ESPN+, you have to purchase a subscription which is available within the app itself, although you can also log in to the service’s website (ESPN Plus). When you purchase the subscription, it will enable the platform’s content that revolves around a huge variety of sporting events such as MLB, LaLiga, UFC, PGA, F1, Bundesliga and NHL.

However, the app is only available in the United Statesalthough the service can be accessed through any of the best VPNs from any other country. Download the VPN on the devices where you are going to install ESPN+ and, when accessing the application, choose a server that is located in the USA, so that you can easily access all of the platform’s content.

Other ESPN apps

ESPN has a complete system of apps that you can install to enjoy all the sports. These are some of the most important ones:

– ESPN Play Caribbean: another sports streaming service that is available as an app and as a cable TV channel. On ESPN Caribbean you can watch live tennis championships, cricket, MLB, NBA, the best soccer leagues and much more. The content you can enjoy is exactly the same on the app and on the cable TV channel.

– ESPN Player: is also a subscription app that ESPN makes available to its users in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and certain Asian countries. In addition to streaming virtually any sporting event, ESPN Player also features an extensive movie catalog.

– ESPNCricinfo: is ESPN’s app created especially for cricket lovers around the world. The service of this platform is similar to the basic ESPN app, with news, live scores, personalized notifications, etc., but only for cricket.

– ESPN Fantasy Sports: ESPN’s fantasy where you can build your own team with the best players in disciplines such as rugby, basketball, baseball, among others. With this app, users who win fantasy contests can win real money prizes.

– X Games Aspen: a platform designed to follow closely all the updates of the X Games Aspen, the extreme winter sports competition organized by ESPN.

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