What is Etsy and how does it work?

Custom gifts of all kinds, unique items and made on many occasions by people from all over the world in a completely handmade and exclusive way. You can buy this on the Etsy platform, which is a large online shop where you can find almost anything it would cost to find in a standard shop.

Etsy sells all kinds of unique, artisanal, custom, and vintage items

Etsy was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in one of the fashion sites in Brooklyn, New York, such as the DUMBO (acronym) area Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass), in addition to other offices in Berlin, Chicago, Dublin, London, New Delhi, Paris, San Francisco and Toronto. It currently has 1,414 employees.

Etsy is a big online product sales business, connecting millions of people around the world who work with buyers from all over the world for a small sales commission that starts at, making all kinds of items, mostly entirely handmade are 0.20 cents. It is also a website that does not deal with the personal data of sellers and buyers and does not disclose them to third parties in order to respect their privacy.

There are more than 85 million articles for sale from 3.7 million active sellers who sell their products to 81.9 million buyers in almost every country in the world. The latest data provided by Etsy is for 2020 and exceeds gross annual revenue of $ 10 billion.

On this online platform you can buy jewelry and accessories, clothes and shoes, home and decoration, weddings and parties, toys and leisure, art and collectibles, tools and materials for the craft … It is the customization of the product that does it makes it unique.

Within each Etsy category there are different filters to find the type of product you are looking for, with a full menu to customize the search based on different parameters such as price, recipient (woman, man, teenagers, children, babies …). If it is a gift or an item related to a specific holiday (Christmas, Father’s Day, Halloween …), whether handmade or vintage …

Of course there is also an internal search engine with which products can be found in the entire extensive catalog of this online shop. The goal of all of his tools is to create a connection between people and move away from the depersonalization that automation implies in the manufacture of objects. The aim is to nurture creativity through a community of sellers and buyers who are looking for a human and personal touch.

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