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Although we usually talk about Mojang’s star game, the truth is that There are many users who are unfamiliar with Minecraft’s different modesand that offer significantly different experiences. And no, in case you think about it, I’m not talking about the different approaches a game can take in Survival Mode (we’ll talk about that later), but rather game modes with different mechanics, and that allows you to explore and enjoy. various possibilities.

When it comes to full games, two main modes are used: Survival and Creative, but there are three other modes that are less common but also interesting and so it is wise to know. Of course, before going into the details, you should know this They are not always accessible and not always useful even when they are. And by that I mean mostly Minecraft adventures.

Regarding the first point, that is, the ability to choose between the different Minecraft modes. If you play a game in local mode, you can choose between these when creating a new game and, if you activate the cheats, switch between the different modes with the command / Game mode followed by the mode you want to use in chat or by pressing the F3 key and, without releasing it, press F4. This will open a menu where each time you press F4, you will switch from one mode to another.

Minecraft Modes: What is Each One?

If you’re playing on a local map and didn’t enable the cheats when creating it, At first, don’t switch between Minecraft modesbut you have a chance that will enable you to do so. With the card open, press the Esc key to display the menu, click the “Open on LAN” button and click “Allow Cheats: NO” in the configuration section that appears so that the legend changes to “Allow” Cheats: Click Yes “and then click” Start World on LAN. “This will return you to the map and be able to switch between Minecraft modes.

NOTEOf course, remember that when you activate the card on the LAN and allow other players with whom you share your local network to not only access it, You will stop pausing the game when you go to the game menu of the game. In other words, if you have a habit of pausing the game for a coffee, you need to make sure you are protected before doing so. Otherwise, you might find yourself in an unpleasant surprise when you return to sit down in front of the game on the PC. If you later want to switch between Minecraft modes, you’ll need to re-enable this feature every time you load the map.

When playing on a server, it is not up to you to switch between the different Minecraft modes, but from its administrator, and the most common is that it is not allowed. Contact those responsible. Perhaps there is a modality (the most common being that it is paid) that will allow you to take advantage of some of the benefits of creativity, such as: B. Flying to enjoy while surviving. However, the rest of the modes are usually limited to those responsible and the technical team.

But now let’s see the Minecraft modes and what each of them is made up of.

Minecraft Modes: What is Each One?

Minecraft Survival

Without a doubt it is the most common Minecraft modeand the one you find in most servers, in addition to the one that has more options and options more challenging for the player. You will need to source and process resources to survive in a world that can range from peaceful to a true nightmare (you can also configure this to your liking when creating a map in local games).

This mode gives you the option of living the most peaceful life on the surface, exploring the map in search of the wonders, delving into the depths of the earth, and exploring the automation possibilities that the redstone offers, starting in search for bastions and netherite into the nether or try, daring, to reach the end to face the dragon. Or how many of us a mixture of all of thatwith cards whose lifespan and playability can be maintained for years. Of the Minecraft modes, it is without a doubt the most complete.

When it comes to Minecraft modes, there are those who list the different difficulty levels of survival mode as modes. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but personally I prefer to look at them in the same mode as the game itself does. These are the different difficulty levels of Minecraft Survival:

  • peacefulThe name implies that you don’t have to worry about the evil creatures in the overworld (the main map), that you don’t have to worry about food, and that your health will automatically recover without you having to do anything. You can die from falling from a great height, falling in lava, or drowning underwater, but these are the only risks to an otherwise hugely peaceful experience. There are people who confuse it with Creative Mode, but they are two different Minecraft modes. Here you need to collect and process materials.
  • Easy: A good first contact with the forces of evil in Minecraft. There are already evil creatures in the overworld, but they do less damage than later levels and are less equipped. You have to worry about the food too.
  • normal: The most common level, here the creatures do more damage and hunger can leave the player with a minimum of life. At this level, it already gets complicated fending off an attack from multiple creatures, and more planning is required to explore the map and get to mine.
  • Heavy: Not afraid of challenges? So this is your level. Not recommended, for inexperienced players, however, the creatures do much more damage, the zombies can open wooden doors (goodbye to protect your house), the creatures usually have armor and effects that make it difficult for them and looters to spawn in the Proximity to your location. Only suitable for very professional players and with great resistance to frustration.

Except for very specific cases, this is the most common mode, most enjoyed by gamers, and which you will see on most YouTube videos and Twitch streams.

command:: / Survival game mode

Minecraft Extremo

Of the Minecraft modes, as the name suggests, this is the most extreme and therefore the most difficult. You can, if you dare, select it in the initial Minecraft mode selection when creating a new map. At its base, it is similar to survival mode on a hard difficulty, with the extras that are You cannot activate the cheats (That is, you cannot switch between Minecraft modes while playing the game.) You cannot adjust the difficulty level later. This is a key factor. You have only one life. If you die the game will end and if it is a multiplayer game you can only enjoy it in spectator mode.

The only exception is what we told you at the beginning: enable the cheats when entering LAN mode. In this case, you can both use commands in chat and switch between Minecraft modes during the game.

command: Can not be activated by commands, only when creating the map.

Minecraft Modes: What is Each One?

Minecraft Creative

The second of the most popular Minecraft modes is without a doubt the creative one. Here the limits are set by your imagination as you don’t have to worry about creatures, resources or food … here the challenge, as the name suggests, is creative because You have unrestricted access to all materialsYou can destroy all types of blocks (including bedrock) with a simple touch and without the need for a pick. you can fly.

If you’re creating custom maps and large buildings, Creative is usually the mode of choice for most players. For example, if you remember the Harry Potter custom map, a quick glance at the map is enough to see that it was created in Creative Mode. Of the Minecraft modes, this is undoubtedly the ideal for those who want to reach their creative potential without fear that a creeper could destroy hours of work in one second.

command:: / Game fashion creative

Minecraft adventure

From the Minecraft modes If anything, you will rarely choose this. And yet, card manufacturers use it regularly. And the thing is, this mode takes on a large part of the survival elements, but allows the creator to change the mechanics to suit their preferences. This allows you to create a personalized experience that is tailored to the purpose of the card, such as preventing the player from breaking blocks or changing elements.

The main reason you choose when creating a map is that you edit it creatively and then share it with other players. And what doesn’t make sense, although it is possible, is to enable it in a normal game.

command:: / Gamemode adventure

Minecraft Modes: What is Each One?

Spectator mode

Surely you have seen pictures of Minecraft more than once, like the one that opened the news about the noodle holes in Minecraft 1.17. It’s a view of the subsurface where the boulders are transparent, and that allows you to easily see the subsurface structure (once you get used to this view). And not only that, in this mode you can move freely around the map and cross blocks as if they didn’t exist. When you are in spectator mode, do not activate the blocks around you. Therefore, any element that depends on the presence of the player to be activated remains inactive.

They also cannot interact with blocks, creatures, devices, etc. You can see but not interact with the contents of the chests, and you have no inventory. Of the Minecraft modes, this is the only one that doesn’t have game mechanics. It is only useful for exploring the map.

command:: / Gamemode viewers

These are the Minecraft modes. The vast majority of players only use survival and creativity, the most daring go to extreme mode, those who play on maps and third-party created challenges experience adventure mode, and terrain prospectors don’t save the jump to observer mode to do that discover secrets of the underground, the mountains and the constructions of third parties.

What Minecraft Modes are you using? Are you a survivor, creative, do you combine both? Have you ever created a map in Adventure Mode? Is there a path that you did not know that you will soon try?

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