What is Fanfix and how to use this alternative to OnlyFans

Are you looking for an alternative to OnlyFans? Fanfix is an online platform that enables anyone to earn secondary income from fan subscriptions. It is easy to use and can be extremely lucrative for content creators. Here we will discuss what Fanfix is and how to use it to start making money.

Fanfix platform

Fanfix is an alternative to OnlyFans and other subscription systems for all types of content, designed to appeal to. content creators looking for new sources of revenue..

At the moment Fanfix is only available from the web browser.

This is a web application where users can create subscription systems, set up a paywall and publish content behind it. Each creator can set their own subscription price, with a minimum of $5 per month and a maximum of $50. This will be the amount paid by those who wish to access their content.

Fanfix was launched in 2021 and already has more than 10 million users. Its more than 3,000 active creators have managed to generate average annual revenues of $70,000, according to data from the platform itself. The company adds that it has managed to generate more than $11 million in payments to its creators since its launch in 2021 and that figure is expected to reach $50 million by the end of the year.

Fanfix display

Fanfix Content Policy

That said, unlike OnlyFans, its content policy is much “cleaner” and erotic content is prohibited. Fanfix charges a commission of 20% of the revenue generated by the creator. This is a higher figure than some competitors, but the platform argues that it offers a premium service with no hidden charges.

It also has a strict policy on who can post on the platform, as it only accepts creators with a minimum of 10,000 social media followers and who fit the platform’s brand image.

Along with content subscription, another of its main monetization tools is. “Tip-to-DM”. With this feature fans can pay between $3 and $500 to chat privately with their favorite creators. In addition, one-time purchases are offered on the platform.

Fanfix also has an analytics feature for users to track their earnings, subscriber count and other performance metrics. In addition the platform is human moderated and has additional security features such as reporting functions and human moderators who monitor private messages 24 hours a day.

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