What is FOMO and how can you avoid it by practicing JOMO?

If you are a user of social networks, it is possible that at some point Have you heard the term “FOMO”? and you may not know what it means. In this article, we are going to explain it to you and see a number of tips to prevent it from happening. You will see how very likely you have ever felt it without even knowing that it was called that.

The opposite of FOMO is JOMO as the happiness of being offline is well known

The word FOMO is the acronym for English “fear of missing out”In other words, fear of being left out of something, being left out of an event, or missing out on what’s happening on social media. Applied to the internet, it would be the fear that things will happen on the internet that we don’t know about or, worse, that we have been left out of them for some reason. Its antonyms would be JOMO (joy in missing out) if it makes you happy to be offline.

In this sense, FOMO would be linked to nomophobia, which would be the fear of not being able to access the internet because the technology is not there, that is, when we are afraid of forgetting our mobile phone at home and our behavior is seriously affected. I forget.

FOMO wouldn’t have so much to do with technology, but with the fear of missing out. When you have FOMO, your cell phone may be on hand. What happens is that you have to consult it at all times and compassionately check your emails, Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram and of course WhatsApp so as not to miss everything that happens.

You think others are doing funnier things than you, so when you have FOMO, when you have FOMO, you spend your free time on social media watching what others are doing. If this situation creates fear, then you have the problem yourself as you would be questioning your own decisions.

If you do something and find that your friends on social networks are doing a different plan and you no longer enjoy yours because your plan is more fun, you may be suffering from FOMO. If this happens to you a lot, then you should try to find a solution.

How to Prevent FOMO and Practice JOMO

Remember that the situations described above can happen to you from time to time and it does not mean that you have this addiction. But if you find that it is affecting your mood because it is repeated too many times or causes you to change your social habits, be sure to practice the JOMO.

-Consider what is important. Be aware of this on social networks and in your instant messaging applications You will receive numerous messages throughout the day. Many will be interesting, others will not be attractive at all. Look out for those who really deserve it.

-You don’t have to share all of the GIFs, memes and jokes that come across all of your groups. You shouldn’t consider this a commitment, just share what you think is relevant. This will also improve your online reputation and prevent you from doing so is considered the heavyweight of the WhatsApp group.

– Spend more free time doing non-cell phone activities. Meet friends in person … or snap photos that you’ll later upload to the networks … but get out.

– Set yourself a goal on each social network: either change jobs, make new friends, or meet friends from the past. As you use each platform for a specific purpose, optimize the time you spend on it.

– Spend time resting, doing nothing, moving …

– Call the phone from time to time instead of sending messages. Listening to other people’s voices also helps understand the sensations and transmit your emotions.

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