What is Footters and how to subscribe

Footters is an upcoming and revolutionary way of subscribing to content that you are interested in, right from within your smartphone. It’s simple yet powerful, convenient and intuitive. With an ever increasing database of content, you can find and choose the topics that best suit your individual interests and gain access to the latest information and offers – all in one place, at any time. This article will explain what Footters is, and how to subscribe to content.

Footters streaming

Footters is an audiovisual streaming platform that can be one of the most interesting options for soccer lovers. It offers a wide variety of content related to this sport, both live matches and programs and documentaries. On this platform you will always find content for lovers of the beautiful game.

Footters offers matches of the Spanish First and Second RFEF soccer leagues.

That said, if you’re wondering where to watch all the La Liga soccer this season, Footters may not be the answer. This platform has the broadcasting rights of only some matches of lower categories – it does not have the rights of the First and Second Division – but you can find interesting matches and other types of content.

What contents does Footters offer

The platform offers soccer matches from the Spanish League, but not from the higher divisions. Specifically, in Footers you will be able to watch the league competitions of Segunda RFEF as well as some matches of Tercera RFEF.

Anyway, the amount of content is interesting, since it offers access to up to 150 live matches in the same weekend. Footters also does not offer content from European competitions such as the Champions League or Europa League. However, it does include summaries and information on the Italian Serie B, the Austrian Admiral Bundesliga, Liga MX and the Mexican Expansion League, among other competitions.

In addition to live matches, the platform also offers analysis and discussion programs, as well as documentaries on some of the most important teams and players in the world of soccer. It has a complete programming calendar, which informs punctually of all the matches being held, indicating the schedule to attend the broadcast via streaming of the match.

How much does Footters cost

Footters can be accessed from mobile devices, computers, SmartTV or Chromecast. As for the subscription, the monthly price to be paid is €9.99. However, if you choose to pay for the whole year in advance, the price is €69.99, which represents a significant saving.

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