What is Generative AI and what is it for?

What is a Generative AI

The Generative AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence characterized by having the ability to provide original creations based on existing data.

Generative AIs produce original content from a series of natural language prompts.

Similar to any other Artificial Intelligence, generative AI is capable of performing virtually any type of task for which human intellect is necessary. Thus, from natural language processing, generative AI tools can create text, images, sound and generate video.

Since the release of ChatGPT, the popularity of generative AI has grown significantly. Today it is possible to produce all kinds of content using tools such as Google Bard, Midjourney and almost all conversational AI applications based on GPT. The fields of application are manifold, so in this article we will explain how this technology works and some of its uses.

How generative AI works

To achieve original creations, generative AIs employ algorithms based on artificial neural networks. These are complex computer systems that mimic the human brain almost perfectly. These networks store or “learn” an impressive amount of data, which they use to generate new information following the acquired characteristics and patterns.

There are several types of generative neural networks, among which we can distinguish generative antagonistic networks (GANs), adversarial autoencoder networks (AAE), variational autoencoder networks (VAE), among others.

Main uses of generative AI

Generative AI can be used for different purposes and in a wide variety of domains. Currently, some of the areas where the use of this technology has become popular are art, education, entertainment, medicine, etc. These are some of its uses:

– Creation of three-dimensional models of any type of object, such as scenarios (in the case of the entertainment field).

– It is used to generate original works of art such as songs, poems, stories, painting, etc.

– It is used to synthesize human voices and faces in advertising campaigns through social networks.

– It is used to produce original creative and informative texts.

– Creates videos and images and improves their quality.

In conclusion, generative AIs belong to a field that is constantly evolving. The potential of this type of technology is enormous, as are the ethical challenges and risks that arise from it. For that reason, regulation of the use of AIs, as well as education and awareness of their benefits, are measures that are beginning to seem essential.

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