What is Google Alerts and how it works

Google Alerts

At the time of organizing contentGoogle Alerts is a free tool with great potential. Properly configured, the application can keep you abreast of the latest trends in terms of topics and relevant keywords on the Internet, which can help you when developing your content strategy.

What Google Alerts is for

Google Alerts is a content notification system that alerts via email. when there is news about a keyword. You can set the alerts to occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are even options for real-time tracking of the use of different keyword structures. Used correctly, it is a great ally to improve the positioning of your page and your articles.

You can organize content in Google Alerts and configure the monitoring of different parameters. From your brand to your competitors’ publications, the most relevant topics and press releases that include in their content words or topics that affect your website.

How to set up alerts in Google Alerts

The setup process is very simple. Just go to the official google.com/alerts page and enter the terms you are going to monitor. It is important to configure the Gmail account where the alerts will arrive. You have to use a Google email account, otherwise the alerts system will not be configured.

The complete configuration of Google Alerts allows indicate the periodicity of the alerts (daily, as soon as a change occurs, weekly); the sources (automatic, news, blogs, web, videos, books, discussions, finance); the language; and the number of links (the best, all results).

Advantages of using Google Alerts

It is a totally free tool, it does not have any kind of secret or hidden costs. Its configuration is very simple, flexible and divided into modules to ensure precise control. No surprises and with a precise and dynamic monitoring of what happens in the networks and on the Internet with your favorite topics and keywords.

On the other hand Google Alerts has some limitations. The Google Alerts tool is not perfect. There are some points that are not covered and make it an application with aspects to improve.

On the one hand, it does not flag alerts on social network mentions. The results only pertain to indexed pagebut there are pages that for different reasons are not indexed and may have the information we are looking for.

Finally, and thinking about improvements to consider for the application, it only shows the mentions and news of the term, but there is no analytical work. To do a deeper marketing work it is important to have analytical and comparative data of greater complexity.

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