What is Google Chromecast and how does it work?

What Google Chromecast is for

A Google Chromecast is a device (also called dongle) that serves to play content from your mobile, tablet or computer on your TV wirelessly. Basically, it can be said that Chromecasts are one of the most affordable options -along with Amazon’s Fire Stick- on the market to turn any TV with HDMI ports into a smart TV.

Project your mobile media content on any TV or speaker with Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast connects to your devices via Wi-Fi. Also, the way you control the dongle varies according to the version you own. For example, older Chromecasts required a smartphone and installing the specific app to control them.

However, the new Chromecast with Google TV, which are the only ones available from 2023, have their own remote control. Anyway, the operation and the uses you can give to this gadget are simple and very easy to learn.

How a Google Chromecast works

The operation of the Google Chromecast is based on a protocol called Cast. As mentioned at the beginning, this type of dongle serves as a kind of bridge between any portable device or computers and your TV or screen.

However, a Chromecast can not only be connected to a TV, but also to other sound devices, such as smart speakers. Moreover, it should be noted that the connectivity of this gadget is based on an HDMI cable to attach to the TV and a microUSB input to which you must attach the power cable. Which, in turn, plugs into any power source.

Operating via Wi-Fi, Chromecasts are devices that receive the URL of the media content you want to stream instantly and without the need to install extra software. As long as the dongle is active and the TV screen is on, you simply press the Cast icon that appears in the app you are using to start streaming.

Main uses of Google Chromecast

– It serves to watch movies and series on platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus or YouTube up to 4K from your mobile or tablet on your TV.

– Works with the Google Home app so you can control all your smart home devices using voice commands.

– The Chromecast with Google TV, which integrates its own operating system, offers a much more personalized experience and serves to play multimedia content from the dongle itself.

– You can play on your tablet or smartphone and mirror the gameplay on the TV or screen to which you have connected the Chromecast.

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