What is Google Health Connect and how it works

Google Health Connect is a program that provides patients with secure, private access to their personal health records. With it, individuals have secure access to their health records, without fear of them being made public or shared. Google Health Connect allows physicians and healthcare providers to connect with patients, share medical information, and coordinate care. Additionally, it provides a range of features such as appointment scheduling, medical billing, and medication management.

What is Google Health Connect

Google Health Connect is a platform developed and launched by Google in collaboration with Samsung. This application is responsible for unifying in a single ecosystem all the data from the health apps you use on your smartphone. This means that you will be able to link your health and fitness apps and access your data in one place.

Google Health Connect is currently in the testing phase, which is why its compatibility is still limited.

This Google service was introduced in 2022. Google Health Connect is in beta, so for now you can only add some of the best fitness apps.

You can configure the tool to tell you health metrics like calories burned, bone mass, nutrition, etc. Here’s how to do it and exactly which apps are supported.

How to set up and use Google Health Connect

– Log in to the Google Health Connect application.

– Look for the “App permissions” option.

– Now make a selection of the apps you want to link to Health Connect.

– Activate the permissions for the data you wish to share and click “Allow”.

How to use it in Samsung Health

– Log in to the Samsung Health app.

– Tap on the three dots icon and select “Settings”.

– Choose “Health Connect.”

– Select which data Samsung Health will be able to exchange with Health Connect, both read and write.

– Press “Allow.”

You can now link any of the apps available to share data with Health Connect, which for now are as follows: MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Peloton, WeightWatchers, Signos, Tonal, Proov Insight, Oura, Flo, Lifesum, Outdooractive and Google Fit.

In addition, remember that there is also a limited list of health data that can be shared on Google Health Connect. These would be the main ones: blood glucose, steps, respiration rate, weight, body fat, hydration, height, heart rate, menstruation, distance, blood pressure, cycling cadence, ovulation, floors climbed and bone mass.

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