What is Google Hotel Ads and how it works

What is Google Hotel Ads and how it works

Google Hotel Ads is a free Google tool to make it easier for hotels and tourist establishments to obtain direct bookings and improve the visibility of their establishments in the search engine.

Google Hotel Ads offers hotels an alternative to price comparators and reduces booking commissions.

Hotels can activate a Google Ads campaign and, in doing so, the hotel’s official website will appear in a list with other establishments in the area. In this listing, detailed information on rooms, availability and price is provided.

However, unlike other comparators such as Booking.com or TripAdvisor, when the user clicks on the link, this directs. directly to the hotel’s websiteso that the reservation is made at the establishment itself.

Google Hotel Ads allows to reach more users, showing accurate information about the accommodation. In addition, it is only shown when there is rooms available for the selected dates, which improves the conversion rate.

How Google Hotel Ads works

Google Hotel Ads works as a online advertising campaignsimilar to creating an ad on Google Ads or Meta Ads. However, this is a service created specifically for hotels, so the objective is to promote prices and room availability to increase visibility on Google and Google Maps.

These campaigns show the hotels through tabs on Google Maps and on the search engine. These tabs contain all the information about the establishment with photos, reviews, addresses and information about available rooms and their price.

Google Hotel Ads does not interfere with Google Business Profile. This means that even if you don’t pay for a Hotel Ads campaign, the property listings still appear on Maps and in the search engine, with all the corresponding information, they just don’t have a booking link.

These campaigns work on a commission system, paying the 10% of each completed booking to Google. In this case, you only pay for confirmed bookings and not for cancelled bookings or bookings in which the customer does not appear (no-show).

Requirements to activate a Hotel Ads campaign.

To create a Google Hotel Ads campaign, it is necessary to have a Google Business Profile account. This will be the hotel’s business card and must contain all the correct and updated information.

It is also necessary that the hotel’s website has a Booking Engine integrated with Google.

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