What is Google Maps Local Guides and what for?


The program of Local guides from Google Maps Allows users to register and add comments, ratings, ratings and photos in Google Maps – an application that has already become a social network – of all the businesses, places and monuments they have visited.

As a Google Maps Local Guide, users are given some permissions, such as: B. early access to new functions of the application.

It is a “preferred user” community as local guides have the ability to add ratings and reviews to companies “Supervision” functions. That is, they can correct ratings, comments, and ratings. Likewise, local guides who have their own business listing in Google My Business can report false or spam comments.

At the same time, they can answer frequently asked questions about the business, so that Google can contrast the information and more realistically perceive the information that users create in the Google Maps business profiles.

In addition, Local Guides have access to a points and badge program that grants them a range of rewards as well as benefits for the Local Guide profile.

This is how local guides work

Registration as a local travel guide is free. All you need to do is have a Google account and be of legal age. Any user who meets these requirements can register using the link below.

After registering, it is now possible to enter and leave ratings and upload photos. Local guides can also add new locations and venues to Google Maps and review the information posted.

As mentioned earlier, every time a local guide takes an action, points are earned on their profile. For example, a rating is 10 points. However, if the assessment is longer than 200 characters, it will be awarded an additional 10 points. Ratings award 1 point and photos 5.

On the other hand, uploading a video is 7 points and answering questions 3. The maximum score is obtained by adding a place or street, which is 15 points. With these points you can unlock 10 levels and a number of badges that will appear on the profile. The following image shows what the Google Local Guides level badges look like:

In addition, reaching new levels offers some advantages such as additional storage space in Google Drive, early access to new Google Maps functions, access to exclusive competitions and workshops, invitations to special Local Guides events and discounts on Google products.

Local guide program

Google Maps Local Guides is a program that allows users to contribute and share their local knowledge with the Google Maps community. By becoming a Local Guide, users can help improve the accuracy and completeness of information on Google Maps, such as updating business hours, adding photos, and reviewing places they have visited.

The Local Guide program offers several benefits to its participants. As users contribute more and reach higher levels within the program, they can unlock various perks, such as early access to new Google features, exclusive events, and even the opportunity to be featured on Google’s official channels.

Local Guides can earn points by contributing to Google Maps, which can help them level up within the program. Points can be earned by writing reviews, answering questions, uploading photos, and adding or editing places on the map. The more points a Local Guide accumulates, the higher their level becomes, and the more recognition and benefits they receive.

Google Maps Local Guides play a crucial role in keeping the platform up-to-date and reliable. Their contributions help users make informed decisions about places to visit, businesses to support, and experiences to have. The program fosters a sense of community by allowing users to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploring and sharing their knowledge of their local area.

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