What is Google One and how does it work?

What Google One is and how it works.

Google One is a Google’s new service which centralizes cloud storage for different apps and services. The user of a Google account has, free of charge, 15 GB of storage space.

Store your photos, songs and documents directly in the cloud with Google Drive.

The new Google One subscriptionallows to expand between 100GB and 30TB user accounts. The final storage space will be determined by the money each user is willing to pay. In addition, it is possible to share Google One storage space between 5 people. However, users sharing One do not have access to each other’s email accounts, so the privacy of Photos, Drive and Gmail is guaranteed.

The user can use Google One to save Android phone backup information, to expand cloud file storage, and to carry Google Docs documents everywhere.

Benefits of Google One

The choice of Google One as a subscription service for cloud storage has benefits to attract the user. Among the most notable users will have:

-Technical support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

-Special editing tools for Google Photos.

-Hotel discounts through Google search engine.

Credits for 3% and up to 10%. of the amount depending on the GB or TB contracted.

Possibility to use Google VPN subscribing to 2TB or more.

Google Workspace Premium with extra features for Google Meet with subscriptions of 2TB or more.

In the same way that you can share files on Google Drive, Google One offers different prices to generate a shared storage space. for all apps. Up to 5 users can enjoy the same space ranging from 100GB to 30TB. The current price list is as follows:

-100 GB: 1.99 euros per month / 19.99 euros per year.
-200 GB: 2.99 euros per month / 29.99 euros per year
-2 TB: 9.99 euros per month / 99.99 euros per year
-10 TB: 49.99 euros per month
-20 TB: 99.99 euros per month
-30 TB: 149.99 euros per month.

The user from now on will not be able to buy more GB for Google Drive, since all the storage will be shared by the various One services. The advantage is that it will be possible to buy in group with friends or family to reach the largest spaces.

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