What is Google Opinion Rewards and how it works

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an application developed by Google that allows you to. earn Google Play Store credits. in exchange for answering surveys and providing feedback on products and services.

Reviews posted on Google Opinion Rewards earn credits in the Google Play Store.

Its approach is as simple as giving your opinion in writing, something that many people do every day in social networks or instant messaging groups. The difference is that in this app you can get paid in return.

How to sign up for Google Opinion Regards

The operation of Google Opinion Rewards is very simple. Once you have downloaded the application from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone (it is not available for iPhone) you have to register using your Google user account.

When surveys are available, the user will receive a notification to leave their opinion. Surveys are usually short and simple, and their subject matter ranges from questions about consumer habits to questions about brand and product preferences.

Once the surveys have been answered, the user will receive credits from the Google Play Store. These credits can be used to purchase apps, games, books, music and other digital content available on the Google Play Store. Therefore Google Play Store users will find Google Opinion Rewards very useful to save money on their purchases.

How to leave a review

To leave a review of a product or service on Google Opinion Rewards, simply go to the “My Rewards” section and select the product or service in question. There you will find a space for leave reviews and rate the product or service. on a five-star scale.

If you want to increase your chances of receiving more surveys and thus earning more credits, it is important to. answer all questions truthfully and answer the surveys as often as possible. It is also important to have the application’s notifications activated in order to receive alerts when new surveys are available.

How to earn more Google Play Store credits

With the following tricks you can improve the performance in the activity of the active user of Google Opinion Rewards, with which you could get to increase the revenue received for the shared opinions:

-Do not alter location or personal data.

-Do not change the location of the application.

-Make sure you have enabled notifications.

-Keep location history enabled.

-Activate the location on your cell phone.

-Keep the application updated.

-Avoid the expiration of the balance, since there is a time limit to spend what has been earned and if it is not spent within the time limit, it is lost.

-Keep moving, since most of the surveys are for companies that have businesses or physical stores.

-Pay attention to the questions in order to answer them appropriately

-Provide all the information requested (and here each one will have to assess the possible loss of privacy).

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