What is Google People Card and how to create it

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Google People Card is one of the easiest ways that Google offers to gain presence in its search engine. This personal card will be like a kind of virtual business card that will appear in the search engine when someone searches with our name.

Google People Card is a kind of virtual business card with which to improve a person’s visibility on Google.

This is a new functionality, which will allow users to create a profile and to have a presence on the networkwithout having to go through Google Business Profiles, social networking or content creation. At the moment, the Google People Card is only available to users residing in India, Kenya, Nigeria or South Africa. In addition, this functionality is available in English and Hindi.

To create a Google People Card you only need to have a device mobile device with Internet accessa personal Google account and have the “Web & App Activity” option activated in the account settings.

how to create a Google People Card?

First of all, we will have to perform a search in the Google Search application with the phrase “add me to search“. When you do so, the option to create the “People Card” will appear at the top of the search. To continue, click on “Get Started”.

Next, we will have to accept the product terms and conditions and fill in the form with the requested information. In this case, we will not be asked for too much information, we will only be asked for: name, address, a description about us and a job. At the end, you will have a space where you can add additional information (studies, place of residence, personal website, etc.) to complete your profile.

We will also be able to add information about our social network profiles, being able to add the main social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud or YouTube.

The information can be entered manually, except in the case of email and phone number that Google will take it directly from your Google account information.

Once we have filled in all the information requested, we will be able to preview the card before officially finalizing it. Once we are happy with the result, we only have to save the results.

can we have our Google People Card in other places? The truth is that yes, we only have to use a VPN so that Google thinks that we are in one of these countries. However, by creating the People Card in this way, we will have problems entering our social profiles.

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