What is Google Play Pass and how it works

What is Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass It is one of the different subscription services offered by the search giant. It allows you to access a catalog of more than a thousand games and applications, including titles that you would normally have to pay for individually to download on your smartphone or tablet.

It should be noted that one of the great advantages of contracting Google Play Pass is that, in exchange for a reasonably affordable monthly or annual fee, internal purchases and advertisements, both in apps and games, are completely eliminated.

Play Pass often tends to be compared to Apple Arcade, Apple’s provider that offers access to a wide list of premium games. However, this service, which landed in Spain in 2020 and is available in just over 90 countries, has some very convenient additional features that we will review below.

How to contract Play Pass

If you are in one of the areas where Play Pass works, you will be able to get the option to subscribe by tapping your profile icon in the Google Play Store. Afterwards, you just have to follow the instructions to complete the registration.

Once you become a user, you have the right to take advantage of the service on up to five different devices. These devices must have an Android or Chrome OS operating system, so you can take advantage of Play Pass on your mobile phone, tablet and Chromebook.

It is worth noting that to use Play Pass on different devices it is not necessary for them to be at the same address. Actually, the only requirement is to log in with your default account. That is, the same one you used to complete the subscription.

What games and apps does Google Play Pass include?

As we mentioned at the beginning, by contracting Play Pass you can access a library of more than a thousand apps and games, both free and premium, but fully unlocked and without ads or internal transactions. Furthermore, it is a catalog that is constantly expanding.

Among the titles you can find are Evoland 2, Night Of The Full Moon, Crying Suns, Pocket League Story, The Ramen Sensei, Machinarium and many more. As for apps, you can download tools such as Web Video Cast, Camera Zoom FX, Tasker, KWGT, among others, at no additional cost.

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