What is Google Play Protect

What is Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a malware protection software that comes integrated into the Google Play Store. As an add-on to Google’s digital store, Play Protect is also present on the vast majority of Android phones by default.

Google Play Protect warns you about risks to the operation of your device and the security of your data.

Basically, the operation of this tool is very similar to that of the best mobile antivirus. However, as with many protection software for smartphones and tablets, Google Play Protect goes beyond Trojans or malware.

Google Play Protect not only warns you when an application is potentially harmful to your device, it also keeps running a constant scan of the device to inform you of bugs and risks to the security of your data.

How Google Play Protect works

When you download an app on your Android phone, Google Play Protect immediately launches a thorough security scan. Once the protocol is finished, if the app somehow violates Google’s unwanted software policies or if Play Protect considers it harmful, you instantly receive a notification and the download process is stopped.

When this happens and you are definitely not sure about the reliability of the app, it is best to cancel the download and delete any related files.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Play Protect is not only activated when you try to install some software. Actually, this protection mechanism keeps running in the background and periodically scans the device.

In some cases, especially when it comes to apps obtained from sources other than Play Store, Play Protect may disable it or remove it directly.

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When that happens, you also receive a notification informing you about the applied measure. In addition, when an app accesses your information, Google Play Protect warns you and recommends that you disable or uninstall it.

Should Google Play Protect be disabled?

Some of the most frequent criticisms against Google Play Protect are related to the fact that, in certain cases, this tool removes apps from your device without warning. In addition, the software has sometimes been involved in controversies related to data collection policies.

Either way, as inconvenient as it may be in one-off situations, it is honestly not recommended to disable Google Play Protect. However, if you really need to do so, it will only be enough to enter the Google Play Store and click on the menu that appears in the upper right corner. Then, you must select the Play Protect settings and turn off the switch.

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