What is Google Scholar and how does it work?

Google Scholar is a free search engine that specializes in providing scientific and scholarly information. It integrates with regular web search results and allows users to search exclusively for academic publications, such as journal articles, conference papers, theses and dissertations. It is a powerful tool that academics and students of all levels can use to find a variety of research materials.

Google academic what is it

Google Scholar or Google Scholaras it is known in Spanish, is Google’s specialized browser for scientific and academic publications.

Google Scholar has options to filter your searches by type of format, year of publication, language, among others.

This is a search engine that works like the original Google service. The difference is that the results of queries in Google Scholar only show you results from university pages, scientific journals and in general content related to the academic field.

The operation of Google Scholar is very similar to conventional Google, although its search algorithms are different. Thanks to this, in this secondary search engine you will be able to find practically any research article, as long as it is available on the Internet. Without further ado, here is more detailed information about how it works.

How to access Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a secondary browser that was released in 2004 and can be accessed through the web address https://scholar.google.es. Its main raison d’être is to allow searches focused only on the academic field. In that sense, this search engine only indexes libraries, publishers, repositories and all kinds of databases that allow you to access links to research articles, scientific journals, books, theses and much more.

Google Scholar

One of the great advantages offered by Google Scholar has to do with the variety of tools at your disposal to customize your search. In addition, from the search engine results you can link to other articles with quotes from the text you want to consult and to other websites related to the main search.

How Google Scholar works

The appearance of Google Scholar is very similar to the conventional Google. Just by logging in you will see a bar to enter your search and some other options to choose the language and suggestions of content of interest.

In addition, a very appreciated feature of this search engine is its library function, where you can save the material you consider important. This option is very similar to the traditional Google bookmarks.

When you press the search button you will see that the results include mainly university web pages. You will see that on the left side of the screen there are filters to customize your search. There is also the function to create customized alerts, which will notify you when new articles related to the topics of your interest are published.

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