What is Google Spaces and how it works

What is Google Spaces

Announced in 2022 as part of the Gmail redesign, Google Spaces is one of the productivity and collaboration platforms that are part of G Suite. It is a system fully integrated with Workspaces, which facilitates project management in work environments, although it is also excellent for keeping track of your daily activities.

Manage your workflows and stay communicated with your work team at all times with Google Spaces.

Basically, in Google Spaces you create workspaces. In these virtual spaces you can produce and share content, collaboratively edit documents and communicate with other members of your team through chat or by organizing Google Meet meetings. In addition, each space has a variety of customization options.

Considering the above, it can be said that Spaces is a platform very similar to services such as Slack or Facebook Workplace, but simpler to use. Below, we explain how to start taking advantage of it.

How to use Google Spaces

To start generating your workspaces in Google Spaces you only need to have a Gmail account. The next thing to do is to log in to any of the Workspaces applications, Google Chat or any of the apps integrated to Gmail. You can do this by accessing the web from your computer or through the mobile versions of any of the aforementioned services.

One of the easiest methods to generate your first space is from the Gmail interface. Simply log in to your email and click on the “Spaces” tab. Then click on the “New Space” button.

Once inside, you will see a side toolbar where you will have the different Google applications at your disposal. For example, you will have the ability to open documents in Docs, upload files to Google Drive, initiate Meet calls, and so on. You will see that all the activities you carry out will be synchronized with the space and you will be able to access them in the “Content” tab.

How to invite other users to your Google Spaces.

As we mentioned at the beginning, in Spaces you can invite other members of your work team. You can do this by sending a link by email to other Gmail users. Then, to communicate with the members, you will have the Chat function, where you can send text messages, share reactions, send emojis, etc.

In the shared space it is possible to organize lists of tasks and events using the “Activity” function. In this tab you can assign tasks to each team member, as well as keep track of their progress. You can also schedule meetings and add them to the Google Calendar, which you can use to receive notifications.

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