What is Google Takeout

What is Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a mechanism that the search giant makes available to its users to export or migrate the data stored in their accounts. Although it is an extremely useful tool for companies and educational institutions, Google Takeout is excellent for any type of profile.

Introduced in 2011 by Google Data Liberation Front, Google Takeout aims to offer a fully independent data migration service.

By employing Google Takeout you can not only backup all the information in your Google account with the goal of transferring it to another Gmail profile or any other platform. In fact, with Takeout you can also download data to your local storage. And thus access them offline, freeing up the space you have in Google Drive.

To make a backup with Google Takeout or migrate your data, you don’t need to subscribe to any of the paid services of G Suite, as the tool is completely free. Below, we will explain what specific uses you can give to Takeout and what are its advantages.

What data can you export with Google Takeout

If you go to the official Takeout website (takeout.google.com) you will notice that there is an extensive list of services from which this tool collects data. To be more precise, Google Takeout obtains information from more than 54 different sources, so it is possible to export data such as the following:

– Information about your account access log.

– Blogs, comments, posts, pages, videos, blogger profile, etc.

– Google Play transaction history, passes and virtual account numbers.

– All kinds of data from the core Workspace, Google Drive, Chrome, Google Photos, and YouTube apps.

– Classes, publications, and pretty much everything you upload to Classroom.

– Location history and its settings.

– Logs of all your smart home devices.

– Data from your Google Business profile.

– Basically, all your information and preferences in Google Play Store, Google Maps, Play Games, Play Movies, Play Books, among others.

Main advantages of Google Takeout

– You can export all your Google Photos files at once to a local storage or external drive.

– It allows you to transfer all your information from Google Contacts, Chrome bookmarks, Google Calendar events, among other services, to a second Google account or other external platforms such as Dropbox, Outlook, OneDrive and many more.

– Backing up offline via Takeout helps you keep your data safe if you are a victim of a ransomware attack.

– It’s perfect if for any reason you want to change your email, as you can transfer all your data to that new profile without losing absolutely nothing.

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