What is Google Tasks and how to use it

What is Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a productivity application developed by the search giant that serves to organize and keep track of all your workflows. The tool is fully integrated into the Google ecosystem, which means you can use it with your Gmail account from any device and complement it with other Workspaces apps.

Google Tasks allows you to automate your tasks using third-party apps such as Zapier.

Google Tasks is often confused or compared to Google Keep. However, while Keep is a note-taking software with multiple customization options, Tasks is a basic task management tool, much like other services such as Evernote or Trello, but simpler.

With Google Tasks you can create tasks, subtasks and lists. You can also set start and end dates for your projects, give them a priority and add reminders to be notified via Google Calendar. In short, this is a very simple but powerful application that will help you organize your day-to-day life. Next, we will explain how to use it.

How to access Google Tasks

To access Google Tasks you have several options. The first one consists in accessing the official website. Secondly, you can access the tool from the Gmail interface. You can also download the app for mobile devices from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Finally, from Google Calendar or any Workspaces application it is also possible to produce new Google Tasks tasks. Obviously, all you need is a Google account.

How to use Google Tasks

Once you log in to Google Tasks, you can start using the tool by scheduling a list of tasks. Simply assign a name to the project and start adding tasks. To do this, you must click the “+” button, identify the task with a name and, if you wish, add additional notes.

After creating several activities you will be able to drag and drop them to organize them. At the same time, you will also have the possibility to generate subtasks, which will be used to divide the main project into steps or phases.

Now that you have programmed your task list, the next step is to set reminders. This will help you to receive notifications through your email or Google Calendar so that you don’t forget your pending tasks. Finally, as you complete your projects, you will be able to mark them as completed, which will give you an overview of how and how far you have progressed.

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