What is Google Trends and how can you use it to improve SEO?

Google Trends to find trends

Google Trends is a free tool that you can use to find search patterns for one or more keywords so that users know which they are most popular searches in a certain period or in a certain place.

Google Trends can measure the relative popularity of a keyword or topic over a period of time

Google Trends measures the relative popularity of a keyword or topic. Simple graphs show the search volume at a specific time or place on a scale from zero to 100. In summary, Google Trends can be used to determine or predict search volume for the keyword. “Offers” on Black Friday.

Google uses all the information it saves about the same person’s search in a short period of time or over specified time periods. In this way, as explained above, predictions can be made about what the searches will look like at certain times of the year such as Halloween, Christmas or Black Friday. At this point it must be stated that the search queries can vary so that the results from Google Trends are always relative.

Here are some tips for users looking to use Google Trends to improve page SEO:

-Season content: There are certain themes that repeat throughout the year, especially those related to events. Leveraging search trends for specific keywords will improve the ranking of content, especially if that content is published at the peak of its popularity.

-Popularity versus search volume: Search spikes can affect the total monthly volume. While seasonal searches can be helpful, you don’t always have to focus on keywords with high monthly searches as this data is always more realistic than trends.

– Trending topics: Trending topics and trending keywords are particularly important for websites dealing with breaking news and content. Google Trends has a search trend bar that shows the most popular searches over the past 24 hours and allows users to filter by categories such as entertainment, television, health …

-Organic traffic decreases: Google Trends can see a decrease in organic traffic on a website. By entering the keyword of the publication in Trends, it is possible to identify certain breaks in the search for this word. With that in mind, it is good SEO practice to regularly use Google Trends to see if the keywords we are using are stable or if they have search spikes.

-Find new keywords: Google Trends also has a Related Topics feature that displays a list of queries for the keyword you entered. These results can be pulled through other keyword search tools to find new opportunities.

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