What is Google TV and how it works

Google TV is an internet-connected platform that combines traditional TV viewing with web-based services, making it possible to access online videos, access Web sites and watch personalized content. It can be used with compatible TVs and Blu-ray players and allows you to control your TV from your mobile device, as well as access content from a variety of sources. This article will explain how Google TV works and how you can get started with it.

What is Google TV

Google TV is a user interface launched by the technological giant in the middle of the year 2022. This interface is used to enjoy a huge variety of audiovisual content through the best apps for Google TV from cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, Chromecast, etc.

On smart TVs, Google TV is a kind of Android TV customization layer.

With the demise of Google Play Movies, Google TV became its successor app, although on smart TVs it is an app launcher based on Android TV.

When talking about Google TV it is inevitable to make comparisons with Android TV. And although the developer company is the same, the reality is that they are two different concepts.

On the one hand, Google TV is much more focused on personalized content suggestions. Moreover, it is meant to supplant its own underlying software, hence the news of the inclusion of more than 800 free channels announced recently.

What is Google TV all about?

As well explained, Google TV is an application launcher or user interface that serves to watch movies and all kinds of programs. It is worth mentioning that on Android devices, it is an application that usually comes installed by default and is the successor of the old Google Play Movies. Thus, it is now integrated in many of the best smart TVs from different manufacturers such as Sony, TCL or Hisense.

The raison d’être of Google TV is to serve as a content organizer. That way, on your smart TV equipped with the service you can access applications such as HBO Max, Netflix or YouTube and add the programs that are of interest to you to a watchlist.

For its part, the “For You” tab is a very useful option that suggests programs based on your searches. Google TV also allows you to browse through more specific categories such as “Movies” and “Live”. In addition, if you want to buy or rent movies, you can count on all your content being saved in the library.

Google Assistant support.

One of the most appreciated features is its compatibility with Google Assistant voice commands. Thanks to this feature it is much easier to play content without the need to use buttons. Not only that, being integrated with Google Home, you can also control other smart home devices, either one at a time or several at the same time.

How is it different from Android TV?

Broadly speaking, it can be said that the platform is based on Android TV. In that sense, it can also be said that Google TV is to Android TV what customization layers are to Android phones, if you’ll pardon the analogy. However, technically speaking, Google TV actually uses the ChromeOS operating system. It also makes intensive use of algorithms to recommend personalized content.

What can you watch on Google TV?

Basically, any type of audiovisual streaming content such as series, movies and TV shows. You can also access a wide variety of live programming. Precisely, recently the company announced that it will include more than 800 free channels soon.

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