What is Google Voice and what is it for?

What is Google Voice

Google Voice is an Internet telephony or VoIP (Voice over Inter Protocol) service for making or answering calls and sending or receiving SMS. This alternative also allows users to manage their voicemail from the web. In addition to other advantages such as automatic transcription of voice messages and integration with other Google tools such as Gmail.

Get an alternative phone number to make and receive calls without sharing your private number.

Google Voice has been around for more than a decade. During all this time, the service has positioned itself as a very useful backup tool, since it allows you to manage both private and business calls using a different phone number than the one you use personally.

Generating a Google Voice account is quite simple and does not require fulfilling many requirements. Below, we will explain how this service from the search giant works and what are the advantages of using it.

How to start using Google Voice

To create a Google Voice phone number you will need your Google account. Simply log in to the Voice website or download the app from the Google Play Store. In any of its platforms you will be able to choose a phone number according to the area code or prefix.

The next step is to verify the phone number to which you want to link your new Google Voice number, whether it is a landline or cell phone. When you complete the previous step you will receive a call or message containing a code, which you must enter on the page or app. That’s it, you can now configure your preferences.

Advantages of Google Voice

– You can use the service from the web, from the mobile application or through the browser extension.

– Google Voice is free, although international calls have a cost that depends on the country you wish to call.

– Being integrated with other Google services, you can use your number to make video calls and group chats through Hangouts.

– Allows you to manage your voicemail.

– Includes unwanted call detection and automatic blocking options.

– In the enterprise version, calls can be routed to multiple phones and computers simultaneously.

– You can employ the same number on different devices at the same time.

In conclusion, Google Voice is a great alternative as a backup phone number, as it allows you to manage calls and text messages without sharing your personal number. However, it is not wise to try to replace conventional phone service with Voice. Mainly because you will always need a stable Internet connection to communicate through it.

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