What is Gravatar and how to configure it

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Gravatar (Globally Recognize Avatar) is a free online service that allows you establish a static profile image to appear in the comments section of each and every one of the compatible web pages with which you interact.

In addition to explaining what is a GravatarIn this article we are going to teach you how to generate a Gravatar account, configure it, customize it and, if it doesn’t convince you, eliminate it completely.

In this article we will provide you with accurate information obtained from different sources. So you can make your photo visible on all websites where you comment. The best of all is that you can use any of your Google accounts or other email providers always with the same avatar.

What is Gravatar

Create your first Gravatar account

To set up a Gravatar account you need to have a WordPress profile. Once you have it, proceed as follows:

– Go to the Gravatar website and click on “Sign in”.

– Enter the email address you used for your WordPress account.

– Select the “Send a login link” option.

– Next, you will receive the link in your email.

– If you don’t get the message, remember to check your spam folder.

– Open the message, select “Continue with Gravatar” and then press “Approve”.

– Ready, your Gravatar account is now available to use.

How to configure and customize your Gravatar

– Sign in with your Gravatar account and click on “My Profile”.

– Go to the “Avatars” section and upload the profile photo that you want to associate with your email.

– If you wish, you can also add a secondary email.

– Go to your email inbox and click on the Gravatar link you receive.

– Select one of the email addresses from the drop-down list and choose “Upload Image”.

– That’s all, you can now use your email with the image you configured on websites, blogs and online services without having to create more profiles.

NOTE: You can modify your photo in Gravatar whenever you need it. Remember that The changes you make will be synchronized in all comments or interactions you have made on web pages.

How to permanently deactivate your Gravatar

– Log in to your account and click on «My profile«.

– Now, select your email address at the top right of the screen.

– Locate the option «Deactivate my Gravatar» and then press the « buttonDisable my account«.

– Finally, go to your inbox and follow the link to confirm the permanent deactivation.

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