what is Growth Marketing?

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Growth marketing is a marketing technique that provides an approach based on scientific data along the consumption funnel. This is a series of strategies widely used by startups, as it allows them to allows them to grow quickly and spread.

Growth marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies by start ups, as they need fast growth.

Growth marketing is a process that is divided into modules and is based on the experimentation and scaling. This experimentation must be designed and tested to match customers’ business needs and long-term financial objectives. In this sense, one of the essential aspects of growth marketing is the capacity for analysis, with agile processes that allow changes to be implemented quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

In summary, we could say that growth marketing is a series of marketing strategies that are focus on customer needsthe decision making at each stage, focusing on where the customer is and the ability to react quickly, adapting actions to obtain the best possible result for each action.

Today, many of the growth marketing processes are based on data provided by different analytics tools and can be automated, leveraging tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

are growth marketing and growth hacking the same thing?

Growth hacking has to do with the creation of content that goes viral and the goal is to grow a business by focusing on the service experience of consumers. On the other hand, growth marketing works with a broader vision, basing messages on the development of a story, providing value in each content and trying to expand the brand’s customer base.

Therefore, while growth marketing focuses on analyzing customers and their behavior, using metrics from all stages of the sales funnel, growth hackers focus on short-term growth periods.

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