What is HBO Max and how to subscribe

Top HBO Max series

HBO Max is a streaming platform owned by Warner Media Entertainment, a division of AT&T. It was launched in May 2020 -taking over from HBO in many markets- and has not taken long to position itself as one of the main options in the streaming market.

HBO Max unifies content catalogs from the HBO cable TV platform and the Warner conglomerate.

HBO Max offers an extensive catalog of content, and includes not only the platform’s acclaimed in-house-produced series HBO, a pioneer in cable television. in the United States. It also offers in its catalog the best movies, the best series, documentaries, children’s content and original programs exclusive to the “Warner part”.

How to sign up for HBO Max and how much it costs

To hire HBO Max it is necessary to register on its website, as with any other streaming platform. You can also download the mobile application, available for iOS and Android devices.

Once there, users can register, create an account and select the subscription plan that best suits their needs. Importantly, HBO Max offers a free trial period for new users, allowing them to explore the content catalog before committing to a subscription. A Lite version is also available.

In terms of pricing and subscription in Spain, HBO Max offers a single plan with two variants:

-Monthly payment: 8,99 euros per month.

-One-time annual payment: 69.99 euros. This plan represents a saving of €37.89 compared to the month-to-month payment option.

What content does HBO Max offer

The HBO Max catalog includes a wide variety of renowned content. Subscribers can enjoy popular series such as “Game of Thrones.”, “Friends”, “The Sopranos”, “Westworld”. y “Big Bang Theory”.

As for the most popular new releases among the HBO Max series include. “The last of us”, “The Idol”, “The White House Plumbers.” o “Succession”the latter series has just concluded its fourth season.

In addition, the platform offers a selection of successful films, both classic and contemporary, which benefit from the aforementioned relationship with Warner Studios. These are films that are released in theaters throughout the current year and that a few months later are already available on the streaming platform.

These are titles such as “Shazam! The Fury of the Gods!”, “Godzilla vs. Kong”, “Creed III”, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”., “The Mystery of Salem’s Lot”., “Evil Dead Rise”, “Barbie, the movie”., “The Nun 2”, “Dune, part 2” o “The Flash“.

Downloading content on HBO Max

In addition to streaming playback, HBO Max also provides the option to. download content for offline viewing. This is convenient for those times when a stable internet connection is not available. This feature allows subscribers to enjoy their favorite programs anytime, anywhere, without interruption.

To do so, the corresponding download option must be selected in the app installed on the mobile or tablet. It is recommended to activate this option with the device connected to a WiFi network so as not to reduce the data plan contracted with the mobile operator.

It is also advisable to verify that there is enough space available in the device’s memory to store the downloaded series, movies or documentaries and delete them after finishing their playback.

Downloads remain accessible in the user’s personal area, who can also add content to a list for later viewing.

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