What is HootSuite and what is it for?

HootSuite is a powerful social media management platform that allows users to easily manage multiple social media accounts across different networks all from one dashboard. With HootSuite, users can automate social media processes, such as scheduling updates and creating content libraries, freeing up more time to produce meaningful and engaging content. Furthermore, users can keep an eye on all their social media analytics, allowing you to gain better insights into who, what and how people are engaging with your content.

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HootSuite is one of the most complete and versatile social media management tools available. It has an interesting variety of options to manage your posts on different platforms and improve the overall performance of your marketing strategy. and Social Media.

Schedule and better manage your social networks for greater reach.

The platform allows you to manage, from a single interface, different accounts of various social networks. It includes interesting features to significantly improve your Social Media strategy. If you are thinking of starting to use a network manager, take into account these tools provided by HootSuite.

How much does Hootsuite cost and pricing plans.

If you want to start using Hootsuite, you have an option to enjoy all its features for 30 days without any cost. Then you can decide whether or not you want to pay for the service.

Hootsuite tool for community managers

Hootsuite has a free version with limited functionalities and in which you can only use a couple of accounts in social networks.

As for the paid plans, they start from €99 per month for the Professional plan, and go up to €762 for the Business plan. Large companies can request a customized plan according to their employees and licenses needed.

Hootsuite main features

-Publication scheduling: Thanks to the HootSuite platform, it is possible to schedule publications to build a comprehensive communication strategy.

It is not just a matter of making a publication and sharing it, but of choosing the times of the day with the highest traffic and thus directly reaching the target audience. Scheduling is very simple, and you can choose the date and time for the publication to appear in the different accounts you control.

-Message visualization: An important part of social media marketing strategy is to attend to interaction with followers and users.

In this sense, HootSuite integrates in a single screen the messages that arrive to the different accounts. This way you can reply directly to the user no matter where they have sent their query. It saves time and allows you to consult and create personalized strategies for responses to specific topics.

-Metrics analysis: Knowing how posts are performing and comparing metrics to see how posts are performing on each social network is critical.

Understanding the type of audience and the format of publications in each network helps to generate a more solid and representative strategy. In the free version you get three basic reports, while the paid version of HootSuite analyzes in greater depth the interaction with your publications and the results of other accounts.

-Trend monitoring: To understand HootSuite and how to use it in your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to know your audience.

Achieving a good response and empathy with users, responding following their communication guidelines and achieving organic interaction is key to increase the reach of your publications.

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