What is invisible art?

What is invisible art?

“Invisible art” includes works of art that are not physically perceptible or do not have a material presence in the traditional sense. These artistic creations often exist only as ideas, concepts or actions, and not as tangible objects. They are art manifestations that challenge traditional art conventions that focus on the creation of visual objects. Instead, the emphasis falls on conceptualization, the idea behind the work, and the viewer's interaction with that idea.

invisible art
Museum of Invisible Art – Image from difusionar.com
A different manifestation of art

These are conceptual works in which the artist presents ideas or instructions to be carried out by others, such as Yoko Ono's instructions in her “Instructions for Painting” or Sol LeWitt's proposals for “Drawings and Sculptures” that can be executed by anyone following their instructions.

Back in 2011, they founded the Museum of Invisible Art in New York, and the artist Lana Newstrom sold her works for the fantastic sum of 10 million dollars. Both the sculptures and the paintings on display include a card with the corresponding description, which encourages the viewer to imagine.

Some works that follow this concept

The Italian artist, Salvatore Garau, created works such as “Io Sono”, an intangible sculpture that sold for 15 thousand dollars in Milan. The only visual element that the buyer took with him for his purchase was the certificate of authenticity.

Also the sculpture “Buddha in contemplation”, which was exhibited outdoors, in the Plaza de La Scala. The construction site was delimited by a white tape on the ground. The artist explained that: “Just as music, singing or prayer help us see things we do not see, so just a title is enough to make us see and perceive an existence.”

invisible sculpture
Buddha in contemplation – Image from La Nación.com.ar

Other works that follow the same style are:

  • Golden Stone Sculpture: Modeled like an Easter egg and covered with aluminum foil. This work symbolizes immortality, youth and infinite abundance. According to the artist who created it, it measures 11 feet and weighs 2 and a half tons, but it is very easy to move.
  • Dust Map Drawing: this project is on a 40 x 40 meter square white canvas, suspended from the ceiling. Meticulously created with a pin, the drawing shows tiny dents that form around 200,000 words corresponding to the first part of Webster's Dictionary, 2010 edition.
  • Hairball Sculpture: These are eighteen spheres the size of a human head, molded in a round shape and covered with authentic human hair taken from wigs. These furballs can be placed in any order depending on the needs of the space.

Invisible Art challenges the notion that art must be a physical, tangible work. It invites viewers to reflect on the nature of creativity, perception and meaning in contemporary art. Clearly, it symbolizes a state of freedom.

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